Avoiding burnout is really a matter of being aware that it can happen so that you take the steps to design your life in a way that keeps you from burning out and ensures that you thrive as you think about ways you can set up your life to avoid burnout figure out what you can implement right now to affect the most change as soon as possible.


  1. Be Mindful – Almost every person alive has an internal conversation with themselves, but most are not really that self-aware. You probably have thoughts that you ignore and then wish you didn’t. Try to be more mindful about your brain chatter because sometimes it can be a warning of things to come.


  1. Take Lots of Breaks – Work many breaks into your schedule. The idea that you have to be busy all the time to be productive is a lie. You don’t need to work yourself into the ground to be successful. Work breaks into your day and also vacations into your life where you truly take a break and stop doing work or anything stressful in a bad way.


Take 20 minutes during the day to train your brain with hypnosis or subliminal audios.


  1. Be as Healthy as Possible – How you take care of yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually is vital to being a healthy person that can avoid problems with burnout. Eat right, exercise, see your doctor on schedule. Talk to a mental health professional or your religious leader if you need help dealing with something.


  1. Learn to Schedule Properly for You – One of the keys to success in life and avoiding burnout is to learn how to make a reasonable and realistic schedule. Try various methods until something clicks for you. One of the best methods to help you avoid burnout is the block schedule. Another is using the Pomodoro Technique to get your tasks completed.


  1. Harmony is More Realistic Than Balance – Many people, especially mothers, tend to talk in terms of having a balanced life. The problem is this is an unrealistic ideal to shoot for in today’s world. However, you can seek to have harmony, which means if you have to spend a lot of time on one thing, you need to ensure you schedule a lot of time for the other thing, too, but maybe at a later date.


  1. Find Joy in Your Day – The best way to avoid burnout is to help yourself feel happier and more satisfied. One way to accomplish that is to keep a gratitude journal so that you can remember that sunrise you saw or your grandchild’s laughter on any given day.


  1. Pay for More Experiences and Less Stuff – One thing that can cause burnout is the continuous seeking of material possessions. Remember to use your money to experience things too. Experiences are always seen as much more satisfying and happier than things, especially after a year like 2020.


  1. Schedule Time To Daydream – One problem with today’s always-on society besides rampant burnout is that no one is bored. Being bored is a significant catalyst for invention. Spend an hour in a hammock without your phone, and zone out with a subliminal audio. It’s okay to do nothing.


  1. Practice Positive Self-Talk – When you’re mindful, you’ll start to notice your internal monologue more often. If it’s negative, it can be a sign of impending burnout. Try to turn those thoughts around to positive thoughts. At the very least, try to make the thoughts more neutral. 


Self-hypnosis and the Subconscious Reset Subliminal Bundle will help you reduce negative thoughts and inner dialogue.


  1. No Tech Before Bed – It might be annoying for other night owls to hear this but turning off your technology a few hours before bed is essential for a better night’s sleep. It really makes a difference. Sleeping well improves your health in every way, especially mentally, giving you the strength to avoid burnout.


  1. Hire Experienced & Energetically Aligned Support – There are a lot of freelancers out there but you need to hire full-time or part-time support that has experience working with your type of business so you spend less time training them and they’re comfortable within your industry.


Avoiding burnout is very much like wearing a seat belt to help reduce damage if you get into a collision. It’s not going to stop everything bad from happening, but it will certainly reduce the damage to your life if you have a plan in place.


Next steps: 


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