Not everyone experiences burnout the same way or at the same level of intensity.


That's why it's important to know where you fall on the Burnout Spectrum.


Take the burnout quiz here:


Then based on your results you can create a custom burnout plan by downloading our free guide "Get Your Shift Together".




Your source of burnout could be:







If you scored 4-25


You most likely are experiencing burnout due to your occupation or routines.


You’ll be able to heal by:


  1. Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals
  2. Redefining your purpose
  3. Developing powerful habits
  4. Meditation & Emotional Visualization

If you scored  25-50


You most likely are experiencing burnout due to your physical or financial situation.


You’ll be able to heal by:


1.Redefine what money means to you & change your story

2.Start spending more on experiences vs things

3.Join a physical challenge or activity like a marathon or yoga

4.Sound therapy & hypnosis

5.Cultivating holistic resilience

If you scored  50-100


You most likely are experiencing burnout due to systemic issues, discrimination or the pandemic.


You’ll be able to heal by:


  1. Taking back your identity by focusing on self-discovery & healing your inner child
  2. Decolonizing your mind, body & spirit by embracing the practices of your ancestors
  3. Sound therapy, energy healing & transcendental hypnosis
  4. Cultivating holistic resilience

If you’re not sure how to begin your shift and healing you can join me in Get Your Shift Together.


5 days of self-discovery and alignment.

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