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Six-Figure Nervous System & Avoiding Financial Sabotage

Six-Figure Nervous System & Avoiding Financial Sabotage

financial trauma six figure business Aug 04, 2022

Welcome to Week 3 of the Recession-proof Your Reality Series. This week we’ll explore how to recession-proof your business by regulating your nervous system.


Business can be stressful but it shouldn’t leave you in a constant state of stress.


You shouldn’t feel dread when you get a new client or customer.


You shouldn’t feel stressed during client sessions.


You shouldn’t live in constant fear that your clients will suddenly want a refund.



Fight or flight will just lead to famine.


If you’re not already at $100,000 in total revenue in your business, you’re probably feeling stuck.


Not to worry! 


Sometimes business can feel overwhelming because you don’t know when you should be focusing on business development and when you should be focusing on personal development.



It’s time to get out of this loop of loss and take back your mental and financial power with hypnosis.



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