3 Ways To Deal With Stress Daily

3 Ways To Deal With Stress Daily



I used to stress out ALOT.


Not that I’m completely stress-free now but compared to last year I’ve made some big improvements. 


If you deal with anxiety and stress here are 3 things I do that help me to manage my emotions and improve my mindset: 


1. I focus on the good.

-What you’re thinking now is what you’re creating for tomorrow. So it’s important that you focus on what’s actually working out as opposed to what’s going wrong. ⠀


2. I make manageable lists. 

-Instead of making a long to-do list of ALL the tasks I create goals lists. I list my goal at the top and then write up to 10 steps I need to complete in order to meet it. 


Don’t have more than 3 goals per week.


3. I envision my ideal future. 

Everything happens twice. Once in your mind and again in the material world. 

By having a clear picture of the life you want you to increase the likely hood of it becoming a reality.


If you want to be able to easily blast through your stress start training your brain!




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