The Ultimate Guide to Entrepreneurial Burnout

The Ultimate Guide to Entrepreneurial Burnout

For this training I’m covering 11 signs you’re suffering from entrepreneurial burnout, the beliefs that often lead to business burnout, and finally how to both heal and avoid burnout while running your business. 


11 Signs You're Dealing With Entrepreneurial Burnout


1. You just received a payment notification from Stripe but instead of joy, a wave of tiredness comes over you.


You think, “God I hope this one doesn’t turn into a chargeback.”


Entrepreneurial Burnout is more dangerous than other types because most entrepreneurs don’t stop or seek help until it becomes full-blown depression.


Read on for 10 more signs & 4 affordable ways to beat it:


2. You fall asleep but only out of exhaustion not because of choice. 


3. You wake up in the middle of the night around 3-4 am then have trouble falling back asleep.


4. You’re overwhelmed by simple decisions like what time to schedule a meeting.


5. It pains you to talk about your business. You literally feel a dull pain in your chest and find it difficult to breathe when you hear “So how’s business?”


6. You mute, unfollow or avoid people in your niche or industry that seem to be doing better than you.


7. You’re irritated or enraged by simple client requests or customer service emails.


8. You’re either eating very little or way too much. You smoke more than usual or need to drink excessively in order to relax.


9. You feel a deep sense of loneliness so you spend way too much time on social sites.


10. When you hear that someone dies or passes away you feel slight envy that they don’t have to deal with ALL of this anymore.

(If you experience this often please contact your local suicide hotline or a mental health professional)


11. You try to take breaks but come back to work feeling more overwhelmed and very guilty.


So now that you know that you’re burned out let’s investigate how you got here. 


Burnout is more than what you do, it’s about what you BELIEVE. 


There are 8 common beliefs that I noticed among my clients that led them to book a burnout recovery hypnotherapy session.


Take our free assessment to identify the type of block you may have here




Let’s get into it.


Belief #1: Your Time Is Worth An Hourly Rate


You should charge the value of the transformation or convenience your product or service offers.


Belief #2: You Need To Be The Face of Your Business


If this type of content is draining then you shouldn’t spend your time doing it.


Belief #3 Good Help Is Hard To Find


Once you get a clear idea of what you actually want to do in your business and how you want to run your business it will be easier to hire the right team members.


Belief #4 My clients’ success is solely dependent on me.


Your client’s success is 80% dependent on them, you’re there to provide the 20% that connects the dots and gets them to their goal FASTER and easier.


Belief #5 I need to sell X way in order to get sales and clients.


There are about 12 sales styles you can implement in your business. The key is choosing the right one for YOU.


Belief #6 If I rest then I’ll lose momentum.


You’ll actually lose momentum because you’re overworking.


Belief #7 Routines and systems will dull my brilliance and creativity.


They actually will help you maintain both flow and alignment in your business.


Belief #8 Mindset work is a waste of time.


After reading this list you can see how your beliefs ( a key part of your mindset) can keep you broke and burned out. Mindset work and soul work will save you time, money, and energy.


How To Beat  Business Burnout


Burnout is bad because it’s both psychological & physical.

Your brain is experiencing lower levels of neurochemicals that are responsible for happiness.

So you need a combination of physical & psychological therapy.


11 Ways To Beat Entrepreneurial Burnout: 


  1. Yoga & Meditation
  2. Get a therapist (ideally cognitive-behavioral)
  3. Belief Clearing Hypnotherapy to release mental blocks & limiting beliefs (Book a session
  4. Sweat (go to a sauna/spa)
  5. Hypnosis & Sound Therapy (Book a session
  6. Train Your Brain--specifically your subconscious with self-hypnosis & subliminal audios (Subscribe to Better You in 52
  7. Set personal & professional boundaries. -don’t treat clients like friends & avoid taking on friends as clients.
  8. Get a separate number or even phone for business so you can put it away after hours.
  9. Raise your prices to reduce the number of bookings or customers service but not lose revenue.
  10. Repackage your services so that they align with your new ideal schedule & lifestyle.
  11. Set concrete work hours. You have to clock out at a certain time no matter what.


Don’t let burnout prevent you from building the business of your dreams.



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