How To Learn To Accept Failure As An Entrepreneur

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How To Learn To Accept Failure As An Entrepreneur

Believe it or not, failure is actually the best teacher you’ll ever have. It can’t be emphasized enough. Not only should failure be accepted as part of the journey to success, but it can also be viewed in a  positive light. When you understand how much failure has to offer you, you might come to view failure as a friend.


These action steps will help you appreciate failure and all it provides:


1. Write down all of the significant mistakes you’ve ever made.

Keep a mistake/failure journal. Whenever you’ve received less than ideal results, write them down. Start with your earliest memories and work forward.


A few examples might include:

Times you played it too safe and regretted it later.

You ignored a gut feeling and regretted it.

You said something that you later regretted.

You made a faulty assumption without getting all the facts.

Maybe you ate too much ice cream at the fair and got sick.

Perhaps you dated your best friend’s ex and ruined your friendship.

2. Look for patterns.

We are creatures of habit. Any mistake we’ve survived, we often repeat. What are the mistakes or failures that you’ve made repeatedly throughout your life?


3.  Ask yourself what you could learn from each of those mistakes.

What is the lesson to be learned? What is the moral of the story? Each mistake or failure is a learning opportunity. What could you have learned?


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4.  What could you do to prevent each of those mistakes in the future.

Is being familiar with your past mistakes enough? Maybe it is. Maybe there are steps you need to take to ensure that you don’t repeat your mistakes. 


Think about each of them and determine the best course of action in the future.


5. Ask yourself how great your life would be if you had only made each of those mistakes once.

Think about that. You’ve repeated many of your mistakes. Consider what your life would be like if you learned from every mistake you made and never repeated that mistake.


That’s the power of failure. It’s the most effective way to learn and enhance your life. So, fail quickly and fail often.


6.  View your actions and decisions as experiments.

Think of anything you do and say as a search for the truth. If it doesn’t work out, you need to try something else. It’s just a failed experiment. There’s no reason to avoid a harmless experiment. Experiments are fun and interesting.


How do you feel about failure now? It’s easy to see just how valuable failure can be when viewed from a positive perspective. 


Each failure is an amazing opportunity. Change your view of failure and you’ll be less resistant to making mistakes. Failing is ultimately a good thing.


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