Shifting Into A Fearless Business Mindset

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Shifting Into A Fearless Business Mindset

A fearless mindset is a great defense against the fear of failure when running your business. Having the right perspective, a dose of motivation, and plenty of optimism can carry you over the finish line to achieving your goals. 


You might be fearful now, but that doesn’t have to be the way you face life going forward. You can reduce your fear of failure.


See how a fearless mindset may be the missing component for your success:


1.  Optimism is important.

If you expect the worst, you’ll never try. With a positive attitude, you’ll be better able to forge ahead with your plans. An optimistic attitude will allow you to handle failure more easily.


  • Practice being optimistic in your daily life. Expect that the weather will be good today. If the weather is bad, except that it will clear. Have high expectations for everything you do, from looking for a parking space to asking someone out for a date.


  • Interestingly, studies show that pessimistic people tend to be more accurate, but optimistic people are more successful. Would you rather be right or be happy?


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3. Be a consumer of motivational material. Expose yourself to things that you find motivating.

  • Books. Read things that get your juices flowing. It could be quotes, biographies, or articles related to successful people. Think about your heroes and learn more about them. Fiction, non-fiction, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re inspired.


  • Listen to motivational material. Songs, speeches, books on tape, or seminars. Try to listen to something each day that inspires you to be your best.


  • Movies. Maybe Rocky puts you in the mood to take on the world. Think of the movies that motivate you to take on the world and watch a couple each week.


  •  Take advantage of all three types of materials. By reading, listening, and watching things that motivate you, you’re attacking your brain and mindset from every possible angle.


3.  Become good at dealing with discomfort.

That negative feeling you get when you think about failure is just an uncomfortable tingle. You don’t have to allow it to change your behavior. Learn to keep moving forward anyway. It will go away soon enough.


Change your mindset and watch your life evolve. When you change the way you look at failure, you change your behavior and the way you evaluate risk. Spend a little time each day motivating yourself and become comfortable with discomfort. You’ll soon feel like you can handle anything the world throws at you.


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