5 Reasons My First Business Failed

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5 Reasons My First Business Failed

Welcome to part 5 of our guide to shifting your fear in business. Just as you can minimize the likelihood of getting a sunburn, you can minimize the likelihood of failure. You are still likely to experience failure on the way to achieving your goals, but you can decrease the chances of it happening. 


There’s no reason to fail more than necessary. Do your part and success will come at a faster pace.


Here are the 5 reasons my first business failed:


 1. A lack of perseverance.

Call it perseverance or patience. Success can take a while to happen. You may have to go through several failures to finally find success. Brace yourself for the possibility that success might take longer than you expect.


2.  Insufficient focus.

Trying to do too many things ensures that you’ll never be great at any of them. Everyone should have one big goal that they work on daily. What is yours?


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3. Negative attitude.

Optimism is necessary to get started and to keep going. If you have negative expectations, you’re going to give up before your reach your goal. Stay positive.


4. Ridigity

When you fail, it’s important to tailor your approach based on your new perspective. Avoid holding on too tightly to one approach. Be flexible and you’ll have a better chance of reaching your goal. Remember that the goal is to find success, not to prove that your first instincts were correct.


5. Insufficient effort.

You’re going to have to try hard. Mediocre efforts lead to mediocre results.


Are you guilty of any of these? Why stack the deck against yourself? Avoid these success pitfalls and you can reduce the amount of failure you experience. You’ll save time and mental energy that you can spend on another goal in the future.


Don’t be afraid of failure, but don’t suffer more than necessary either. Approach your goals optimistically, confidently, and with your full focus. I now run a 7-figure business and I’m on my way to 8 figures.


Now you can see just how beneficial failure can be. It is a natural and necessary part of achieving any success. Failure lets you know when you’ve approached a goal from an ineffective direction. It allows you to make distinctions and to learn valuable lessons.


Avoid making the same mistakes twice and you’ll find the rate of success in your life increases.


The fear of failure can be a great hindrance to achievement. Getting over this fear all but guarantees success. Fear can stop your efforts and lead to procrastination. Embrace failure and all it has to offer, and you’ll find success sooner than you think!


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