4 Techniques To Hack A Positive Mindset

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4 Techniques To Hack A Positive Mindset

My client asked me a great question during one of our sessions.


How could he quickly make his thoughts positive?


I went over how to get rid of negative thoughts in this Twitter thread but I also shared with him 4 techniques that you can get started with tonight.


Twitter Thread:


4 Techniques To Hack A Positive Mindset:


          1. Mentally rewrite your day

Before you fall asleep think of the events of your day and change anything negative to positive.


If you didn’t close a deal- visualize yourself closing it during a call.


If you received a “Thank you for applying” email- visualize yourself receiving an offer letter.


Replacing these negative events with positive outcomes improves your mood right before you sleep.


Why is this important?


Because the emotional state that you fall asleep in carries over to the next day. 


So it’s important that you shift your state so you can set a better tone for the next day.


       2. Gratitude list

If rewriting your day doesn’t work you can also create a daily gratitude list.


Before bed think of the things that happened during the day that were positive.



You had hot water to shower in the morning

Your train came right on time so you able to grab a coffee before work

You were able to set up a call with your dream client


       3. Create Your Day

If you’re not able to do any change work before bed in the morning take 5 minutes to visualize your perfect day.


Visualize your day in chunks 9am-12pm/12pm-3pm/3pm-6pm/6pm-9pm


Your subconscious mind will do everything it can to make this day a reality.


Soon you’ll be creating your days perfectly, then your weeks, months & eventually your life.


        4. Thought Math

For every bad thought that you have, you immediately have to consciously think of 5 positive thoughts that counter the negative one.


Ex. I probably won’t get the job.

-I definitely got the job.

-I got the job and I’m starting next week.

-I’ll be able to move into a better apt.

-I can save more money.

-I can go to Paris for NYE.


Like with anything you have to be consistent in order to shift your thoughts into positive ones.


But the fastest & simplest way to shift your thoughts is to change your beliefs.


Here’s a video I recorded that walks you through the process: 


You can also take advantage of my promo with Sleep Your Way To 100K & Master Your Vibration: 




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