How Procrastination Affects Your Business

How Procrastination Affects Your Business

Many people may not realize that having a habit of procrastination can actually impact their life and business. But, willingly procrastinating in major aspects of your life can not only cause you to lose out on achieving your dreams but can even damage your health and relationships. If you find that you’re constantly putting off until tomorrow what you could do today, you may have a procrastination mindset that needs some attention.


How Procrastination Affects Your Well-Being


There are many ways that your habits of procrastination could be affecting your life. It’s important first to understand why you choose to procrastinate. Are you avoiding unwanted outcomes? Have you set the wrong goals for yourself and are therefore uninterested? Are you fearful of a certain outcome and are consequently unwilling to see it realized? Recognizing the source or sources of your procrastination will be helpful when wanting to change these behaviors. But why is procrastination so harmful?


Most people with a procrastination mindset will experience health problems in their life. Putting off regular check-ups, routine tests, and preventative care can lead to missed diagnoses and learning too late about serious illnesses. Plus, putting off simple care such as dental visits and eye exams can cause you to lose the use of your teeth or vision when major problems go undetected. 


When you procrastinate, you also tend to live in a state of constant stress. You feel anxiety, regret, and guilt over the things you are delaying doing, which results in higher levels of stress. This releases more stress hormones into your body, which raises blood pressure, reduces inhibitions for unhealthy habits, and affects your physical and mental health in innumerable ways. 


Procrastination is a sign that you lack self-control, which translates into your lost productivity and vitality. All of these traits mean you are less likely to work hard toward achieving a goal. It also says you probably set your sights on very low aims, leading to less need to effort. Your procrastinating mindset is, therefore, holding you back from achieving great things in life. 


Your habit of putting things off means you are not realizing your full potential, which will ultimately lead to less satisfaction and happiness in your life. Those who procrastinate are less likely to be fulfilled or report true joy in life, with many reporting mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. 


How To Push Through Procrastination 


You can change the way you think and therefore transform your mindset from one of procrastination to one or being proactive in your own life. When you learn to recognize your avoidance behaviors, you can start choosing discipline over pleasure to help you achieve what you want in life. Here are a few tips for avoiding this mindset. 


Considering how your actions will affect your future and overall happiness is one way to avoid procrastinating. If you keep the bigger picture in mind, it will help you see the significance of the tasks you are avoiding. 


Getting started can often be the most difficult step and one that keeps many of us procrastinating forever. Instead, build the time to be confused and figure it out into your action plan. Step 1: Figure out what my plan is. Step 2: Feel confused that I don’t know what I’m doing. Step 3: Ask for help or get feedback from someone you trust. Having a plan for getting through the hard part will make it possible to get moving. 


Change how you feel about failure. Rather than something to avoid, failure should be viewed as an opportunity to learn. When you fail, you walk away with so much more information than you had before to inform your skills. You now know one way NOT to do something, which is more than you knew before.


If you find your procrastination mindset is helpful, because you work better under some amount of pressure, then use that to your advantage. Active procrastination, when you strategically wait to generate the type of intense focus you need, can be helpful, and in that case, is okay. If you are just procrastinating to avoid work, though, that’s unhealthy and should be addressed. Bottom line- know what works for you and why.


Whether your procrastination stems from the avoidance of negative outcomes, fear, lack of motivation, or something else, it can definitely have a negative impact on your life. Learning to identify then curtail this negative mindset will be critical if you want to truly achieve your dreams in life.


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