7 Habits That Will Improve Your Life

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7 Habits That Will Improve Your Life

In part 5 of our guide to becoming a better you, we discussed the importance of self-care, now we’ll share the 7 habits that will improve your life and business. There are times in life that we feel incapable of taking care of our mental, physical, and emotional health and we feel out-of-tune with life, making us feel afflicted in all areas. 


And because we cannot reach our potential and accomplish our goals, we become very far from happiness. Foremost, let me tell you this, you're not alone. A lot of us have experienced this at a point in our lives.


More so, note that you have the power to change all of these and your life doesn't have to be this way. You can become the best version of yourself and achieve your goals — you just have to believe in yourself and never stop moving. Nevertheless, you must also know that you'll need a lot of grit and courage to better yourself. To improve your life, here are some habits you should work on cultivating.


  •  Beware of what you Prioritize

Many people are so concerned about instant gratification that they would prefer to be obliged to what they want right now at the expense of what they want most. If you have to make dinner at home, go to the gym, work extensively on a demanding project, or any other thing that demands your immediate attention, choosing to go meet a friend, go for a show, or watch a movie instead could sabotage your efforts and output. Don't let superficial, momentary happiness make you sacrifice substantive happiness that's long-lasting and fulfilling. Beware of the satisfying and seductive spell of instant gratification.


  •  Stop Making Excuses

It's very easy for you to enable poor decisions and this usually commences by you making excuses. The simple truth is that excuses are very easy to make. You'll definitely find one to give whenever you choose not to do the right thing. You need to stop making excuses. It takes work to make things happen and happiness can't be plucked from trees. Push yourself to do the work. Own your life. Quit the habit of making excuses.


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  • Stop Taking Things Personally

You don't always have to react to everything. Sometimes, people say what they don't mean, and at times they may, but not everything said about you is true. The idea is that you shouldn't let people get you down. Keep building on your progress and don't stop moving forward.


  • Exercise

Exercise does help you feel better. It helps to clear your mind and it releases stress. Exercise helps to reduce your anxiety. It makes your mind sharper and stabilizes your emotions. If you need to decide and you feel overwhelmed and very anxious, you should definitely consider doing some exercise as it can help you make quality decisions.


  • Eliminate Distractions

It's high time you started monitoring habits that distract you and waste your time. Some of these habits include pressing the phone all day, perusing social media constantly, staring at various screens, and the likes. Time is precious; you waste time, you waste life. To become more productive, you need to find out what your distractions are and take action to eliminate them.


  • Take Accountability

A lot of people are fond of playing the victim and this is usually because they feel it's easier to be the victim. There are some things about our life that we can control and we're not just a victim of every occurrence in life. What guarantees if your circumstances would change is how you wield your control. You'll be able to make progress when you start doing what you should do and you will enjoy more autonomy when you stop blaming others and accept responsibility for your life. 


  • Face Your Fears

For how long do you want to keep running from your fears? Though you may run, for now, you certainly can't run forever. Since you can't run forever, why not brace yourself, stamp your feet, and rise against whatever it is that prevents you from making major moves? Don't be scared to work hard and fail. Summon your courage to give your best. If at all you fail, no one will blame you. At least, you learned to be courageous and you now know better. To become your best self, you need to gather courage, do the work, and don't be cajoled by failure. Face your fears.


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