Don't Let Productivity Burnout Lead to Procrastination and Giving Up

Donít Let Productivity Burnout Lead to Procrastination and Giving Up

Sometimes it is not a lack of motivation, fear, or any other internal reason that leads you to procrastinate. It's possible that you are experiencing burnout if you've been particularly busy or stressed lately. Burnout is when you feel depleted of your energy and overwhelmed due to constant stressors or being exposed regularly to unpleasant circumstances. When you feel this way, it is hard to move forward and take care of everyday necessities.


Read to find out why you shouldn't let productivity burnout lead to procrastination and giving up. There are ways to manage this problem. 


About Burnout

Being stressed out seems normal in todayís busy world. However, burnout is different and goes beyond simple tension. It is the result of prolonged and chronic stress. Burnout leaves you feeling depleted, worried, overwhelmed, helpless, and exhausted. This state of being can sneak up on you out of nowhere or it can come on gradually so that you may not even notice it until you feeling like you could snap. 


How Burnout Wears You Down

Burnout can hold you back because it wears you down both physically and emotionally. It can come from working too many hours or in a job that you find soul-sucking for reasons such as having a demanding boss or mundane requirements. It can also come from the crushing demands of balancing a family, household, work, personal life, and other responsibilities. Sometimes the coping strategies you use to manage your burnout arenít healthy and can actually compound the problem. These include staying up late, indulging in alcohol, or never taking any time for yourself. 


Signs of Burnout

Burnout is bound to take a toll on your productivity. When youíre feeling exhausted and beaten down, itís hard to perform your best and stay on top of things. Procrastination is rather inevitable. 


Here are some other signs of burnout to be aware of: 


* Sleep difficulties, too much or too little

* Anxiety or depression

* Loss of appetite

* Irritability or moodiness

* Susceptibility to illness


Take note if you find yourself experiencing these to an extreme and feel that it could be due to being burnt out. 


What to Do About It

Once you determine you're dealing with burnout, there are things you can do to help get yourself back on track. If you are working excessively long hours, try to cut back. Talk to your supervisor. You'll actually find you are more productive when you work fewer hours than if you try to overdo it to the point of exhaustion. Try to stick to a regular schedule so that you can shut down and walk away during your off hours. Pay attention to the balance in your life. Cut back on other duties such as household and family if you find they're adding to your burnout. It is okay to delegate responsibilities and ask for help. Finally, take time for fun and leisure. It will rejuvenate you and have you feeling ready to tackle work with a fresh mind. 


Burnout is real. It takes a toll on various aspects of your life and hurts your productivity.

Take care of yourself and address burnout when you see it happening.


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