Overcoming Your Fear of Launch Failure

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Overcoming Your Fear of Launch Failure

We all fail in life and to go one step further… we fail a lot! 


Let’s face it; no one is exempt from failing to succeed at something. It sucks but it’s not always a bad thing. In fact, it’s healthy and necessary for growth, and if you didn’t know this before, well now you know it.


The question is… can you overcome your fear of failure? Or will you let it cripple you and stop you from reaching your full potential in life? 



Why Do We Fear Failure?

It’s completely normal to have fears in life but why exactly do we hold onto fear, when it’s not real? That’s right… now you may have heard of “False Evidence Appearing Real,” which stands for the acronym F.E.A.R. (Not actually what Fear means).


It really means there’s no substance there to justify the feeling of fear we have when we’re confronted with something. 


“Failure” has created the feeling of fear in every human being at some point because we tend to associate failure with feelings like disappointment, shame, etc.


It can be hard to live with failure because we have been conditioned to believe that we can succeed at anything. The real problem here is we’re not taught how to use our failures as a “teacher.” You see, we all need to failure and once we understand failure is necessary for personal development, the fear starts to slowly fade away. 


Nobody wants to feel “bad,” as a result of not accomplishing something. But if we realize that our own “minds” create our reality, then we can see failure as a good thing.


Overcome Your Fear of Failure

 First off, get rid of any doubt you have about yourself. Like mentioned before (yes, we are going to tell you again) your mind is the creator of your reality. The reason failure causes you to be fearful is that you’re comfortable with being safe (We all are naturally).


We are designed to survive, and who doesn’t want to survive?... The problem is, there’s a difference between “surviving” and “thriving.” The latter will give you a fulfilled life with no regrets and the former will result in mediocrity. 


Which do you want? After all, life only gives us one chance, so should you really fear failure before you’ve given you’re all to something? No! Life is not about quitting because the goal is to reach your full potential and giving up will most certainly always cause regret and failure.


Who are you? What is your purpose in life? What “must” you accomplish? What type of person do you want people to remember you as to when you’re gone?

If you want to be someone significant in life, then having a “fear of failure” is not an option. Set short-term goals that you can quickly achieve. Continually push yourself to just go for it and remember that your time is precious and valuable to you.



Your Self-Imposed Limitations Are In Your Head

People overcome “fear of failure” every day, all around the World. If everyone had a fear which stopped them, then we wouldn’t be where we are today.


Fear is created by the mind and it’s up to you to decide which fears you’re going to face head-on and overcome (Be smart with the fears you face, not reckless). Overcoming something is a mental game and you can win every time if you know why you need to overcome your obstacles.


Failure is a part of life but what does it mean to you? You have to decide what to do with it but be sure to make the right decision.



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