3 Ways To Double Your Business Revenue

3 Ways To Double Your Business Revenue

Lack of cash flow is a strong indicator that you’re not only about to burn out financially but mentally as well. 


You’ll spend precious mental energy on worrying instead of strategizing.


During Get Your Shift Together we’ll cover burnout-free business models and revenue streams you can incorporate into your business.


But here are 3 things you can do to attract more money to your business today:


  1. Follow Up with Current and Previous Customers -Connect with current and past customers who already know you and your work, so that you can uncover new opportunities.
  2. Create New Offers from Existing Ones -Repurpose existing products and services, by bundling them or adding a live or 1:1 option.
  3. Promote Special Offers via Current Partners and Affiliates - Leverage your current partnerships, so that you can bring in fast cash without spending money on marketing or time on product creation.


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Now if you currently don’t have many customers or offers you’ve successfully sold in the past join me in Get Your Shift Together for conscious strategies backed by subconscious support: business workshops + group hypnosis + subliminal audios.


Here’s a rundown of how we're revving the 2022 GYST Program to get you to your goals:


AUGUST: Financial Healing Series - 3 Progressive Workshop + Money Manifestation Challenges

SEPTEMBER: Six-Figure September - 11-day Group-Hypnosis Intensive

DECEMBER: Six-Figure  - End-of-year11-day Group-Hypnosis Intensive


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