How To Set Business Goals with ADHD & Anxiety

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How To Set Business Goals with  ADHD & Anxiety

In this video, I share how I set and effectively hit my goals by using a method that’s way better than SMART goal setting.

C.O.S.M.I.C. Goal setting is ideal for entrepreneurs who have been diagnosed with ADHD or anxiety. It’s also a game changer for any business owner or influencer who wants to hit their next level of success in 2022.



Why Is It So Difficult To Succeed?


If you find yourself struggling:

-to make decisions
-hit your goals
-stay motivated
-easily upset
-emotional unbalanced (not clinically diagnosed)
-to kick bad habits
-food cravings
-anxiety/nervousness (not clinical)

It's because your conscious mind and subconscious aren't effectively communicating.


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How To Create Mental Alignment For Business Success 


So how do you fix this? How do you effectively communicate your true goals, wants, and needs to your subconscious to get it onboard?

And avoid:

-negative self-talk

The answer is a multitude of ways. But the most effective methods that I and my clients have experienced are...

1.) Super Specific Visual Goal Setting

To send the images of your goals to your subconscious.

2.) Hypnotherapy


To calm your mental environment & send the right pictures, sounds, and feelings to your subconscious.

3.) Custom Sleep Subliminals 


Use the info from your Goal Setting to create affirmations that are organized in a specific order to reiterate your life plan & vision.

4.)  Super-Charged Affirmations


Affirmations using NLP that are organized in a way that communicates directly to your subconscious.

5.) Parts Integration


Make sure that every part of you understands that these goals are for your best interest so they won't try to sabotage them.

6.) Chain Anchoring and EFT

Will help you manage your emotional states so you stay on track.


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