3 Mental Shifts I Made To Hit 7-Figures In 2020

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3 Mental Shifts I Made To Hit 7-Figures In 2020

I’ve tweeted about how I’m making a conscious decision to surround myself w/ friends that are not only entrepreneurs but also have a high vibe. 


Now I want to share the subconscious shifts.


While studying cognitive behavioral therapy we focused on the triangle:






I realized that our clients shift more quickly by focusing on identity.


Then it hit me that we have multiple identities.


Different Identities for each area of our lives.


This is actually ideal but it becomes a problem when our beliefs and values don’t align between each identity.


This creates cognitive dissonance which leads to mental &  emotional stress.


I was experiencing this because in my business I was high vibe but in my personal life, I was getting into passive-aggressive convos, enabling friends & family… off brand AF.



So the 1st shift that I made was merging all of my identities into the main one.


The Brain Trainer


My mission in business, life & love is to lead by example & to provide a safe space for individuals to test their limits and find their inner strength.


This means I can’t have a text fight with my mother before hopping on a session. 


This means I can’t send passive-aggressive emails to marketing clients.


I must fully embody The Brain Trainer in all areas of my life.


Since I’ve made this shift my dream clients show up in DMs, emails, and even my nail salon.


It’s also made it easier to make the 2nd shift Energy ---> Effort


I’m not afraid of working hard.


I’m the firstborn daughter of Nigerian immigrants who made their millions before the age of 30.


But I’ve overdone it in the past and it left me more behind in business than I should be.


I was afraid that hitting 7 figures would put me back in the hospital.


Then I discovered the Business Vortex.


An energetic funnel.


Attracting your ideal clients because of your Identity and then taking them on a journey that gives them more value at each level & you receive more money in return.


The 3rd shift was more conscious & came when I met with @bigbankous


Knowing my money.


I’ve always been great at making money but he showed me that I didn’t have to work as hard if I learned how to keep more of it.


So to recap the 3 shifts are:


The Psychology (Identity)

The Energy

The Money 


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