Six-Figure Belief System & Releasing Financial Anxiety

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Six-Figure Belief System & Releasing Financial Anxiety

Your beliefs create your reality not your thoughts. One day you decided that particular thought about money was true and it became a belief.


There are 3 types of limiting beliefs:


Beliefs about the cause.

Beliefs about meaning.

Beliefs about identity. 


Our beliefs affect how we view the world, ourselves & each other. 


We interpret the data received through our senses and emotions & filter out what doesn’t align with the patterns created by our beliefs. (This is how biases are reinforced btw). 


When combined, our beliefs create a composite model of reality—a worldview that affects every single one of our actions.


Beliefs are learned. A mental habit.


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We learn them through:

  1. Direct experience
  2. Modeling others’ experiences
  3. Indirect experience


On their own, these experiences are neither good nor bad. We’re the ones who assign meaning to them.

Focusing on the negative aspects of experiences creates a filter that only picks up those elements in the experience.  


Once this becomes embedded in your subconscious as a belief, you will begin to attract these types of experiences that confirm, rather than challenge your beliefs. 


For example, a negative experience with a client might lead you to believe that “I get the worst clients”.


From then on, you’ll focus only on the negative interactions with your clients which confirm what you believe is true, so you’ll then behave in a way that attracts clients who continue to confirm this belief.  


The belief influences your actions/behavior and actually becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. 


On the flip side if you had positive beliefs about your client attraction frequency you would then focus on your positive client experiences & behave in a way that attracted more of these clients. 


Creating a positive self-fulfilling prophecy. 


When you change your money beliefs you change your financial reality.  



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