Six-Figure Identity & How To Speed Up Your Money Manifestation

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Six-Figure Identity & How To Speed Up Your Money Manifestation

Did you know that you could install success into your subconscious mind?One of the ways you can do this is through actual experience. 


Let’s start with my background: 


Tech Sales Exec -> Business Funding Manager -> Business Coach -> Mobile App Agency Owner → Master Hypnotherapist & NLP Trainer 


I’ve made 6-figures since my early 20s.


I hit six figures fast as a business owner because…


I BELIEVED I would make that much because I EXPECTED nothing less.


Because I BELIEVED this every action & decision I made took me closer to proving myself right.


You see other accounts on Twitter start & successful complete projects or seamless move from one industry to another or scale new businesses fast 


You can’t just read their tweets & become them. 


It’s deeper than that.


It’s their IDENTITIES. 


They identify with success no matter what they do.


And from this place of certainty, they’re able to act with confidence and certainty.


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So to make success a habit you must:


  • Identify yourself as a successful person. Failure isn’t an option because you never actually give up. 
  • Shift your beliefs to align with this successful identity. 

    Ex. This person isn’t envious when they see someone win, they're motivated.

  •  Shift your behavior to align with this identity.

  •  Once you create these shifts you will see your environment & results also shift.


In Sleep Your Way To $100K the 2nd layer hypnosis creates a shift in your identity so that you become your future self NOW. The YOU that already makes multiple six-figures in their business so that you can work backwards.


Tap into the Sleep Your Way To $100K Self-hypnosis System to unlock your six-figure identity.





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