12 Signs You're Dealing With Entrepreneurial Burnout


You just received a payment notification from Stripe but instead of joy, a wave of tiredness comes over you.


You think, “God I hope this one doesn’t turn into a chargeback.”


In the past few years, we’ve seen a rise in suicide rates in general but specifically among startup founders & small business owners.


Entrepreneurial Burnout is more dangerous than other types because most entrepreneurs don’t stop or seek help until it becomes full-blown depression.


Read on for 11 more signs & affordable ways to beat it.


  1. You fall asleep but only out of exhaustion not because of choice. 


  1. You wake up in the middle of the night around 3-4 am then have trouble falling back asleep.


  1. You’re overwhelmed by simple decisions like what time to schedule a meeting.


  1. It pains you to talk about your business. You literally feel a dull pain in your chest and find it difficult to breathe when you hear “So how’s business?”


  1. You mute, unfollow or avoid people in your niche or industry that seem to be doing better than you.


  1. You’re irritated or enraged by simple client requests or customer service emails.


  1. You’re either eating very little or way too much. You smoke up more than usual or need to drink excessively in order to relax.


  1. You feel a deep sense of loneliness so you spend way too much time on social sites.


  1. When you hear that someone dies or passes away you feel slight envy that they don’t have to deal with ALL of this anymore.


  1. You try to take breaks but come back to work feeling more overwhelmed and very guilty.

How To Beat It:


Burnout is bad because it’s both psychological & physical.


Your brain is experiencing lower levels of neurochemicals that are responsible for happiness.


So you need a combination of physical & psychological therapy.


1. Yoga & MeditationGet a therapist (ideally cognitive-behavioral)


2. TimeLine Therapy to release mental blocks

 (book a session here:


3. Sweat (go to a sauna/spa)


4. Hypnosis & Sound Therapy 


5. Train Your Brain 

(Join our Braincamp Get Your Shift Together)


6. Self-hypnosis 

Self-hypnosis will teach you how to manage your emotions that are responsible for your behavior.


Learn how in Get Your Shift Together:




7. Create A Burnout Recovery Plan

Here's a post on how to do so 





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