What I Learned After 400 Hypnotherapy Sessions With 6 Figure Business Owners

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What I Learned After 400 Hypnotherapy Sessions With 6 Figure Business Owners

1. Sales funnels don't work matter if you hate providing the service


2. You attract the type of buyer YOU are


3.The amount in your bank account is determined by your beliefs not vibes


4. Your inner child runs the show  



5. Healing allows you to see the reality of certain situations without bias


6. How you see yourself is how others will see you


7. Emotional support from family is more important than financial 


8. Energy really is everything 



I’ve been putting in the work.


I have over 10 certifications in hypnosis and 20 in holistic healing and health methods.


I have my BA in Psych and currently enrolled in a PhD (I’ll share which one when I graduate).


Everything I share with you isn’t something I just read on or an Amazon best seller it’s through real world application.


Working with the tired, wounded and marginalized.


Helping them reset, re-aligned and RISE.


Giving them the perspective & vision necessary to navigate this matrix of lack & oppression.


Because this isn’t just a creative project, a side-hustle or niche to me.


This is my mission.


When I “boast” it isn’t based on Ego it’s based on facts.


It’s based on results.


The results of people that others saw as “resistant” or difficult.


My clients needed their hands held, their heads cradled and their hearts mended.


I’m honored that they chose me.


I hope you do the same. 


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