Self Hypnosis 101- Simple self Hypnosis Methods self hypnosis Sep 25, 2021

I'm sharing 3 simple but effective self-hypnosis methods so you can begin shifting with self-hypnosis tonight!


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Self-Hypnosis 101- Create Your Own Hypnotic Affirmations self hypnosis Sep 25, 2021

If you have trouble with affirmations or think that they don't work for you then watch this video to learn how to create your own powerful hypnotic affirmations for self-hypnosis.



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Take the...

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Self Hypnosis 101-The Law of Assumption & Self Hypnosis self hypnosis Sep 25, 2021
In this video, I'm sharing the secret to manifesting anything and everything with self-hypnosis.

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Self-Hypnosis 101-How To Do A Proper Mental Detox self hypnosis Sep 22, 2021

Mental detoxes are not about deleting social media and staying positive. It's also a time for deep shadow work. 

In this video, I share how to perform a proper mental detox in 10 days.  



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Self Hypnosis 101- How To Prepare Your Mind For Self Hypnosis self hypnosis Sep 22, 2021

Most people have little success with self-hypnosis because they don't know that they have to prepare their minds.

In this video, I cover the importance of prepping your mind for self-hypnosis & how to with 7 questions. 


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Reprogram Your Brain in 3 Days self hypnosis Jul 27, 2021

Let’s reprogram our brains before the weekend.

I do this whenever I feel stuck mentally or stagnant energetically.

Focus on one layer of the mind per day:

Pick one area of your life you'd like to shift 


Day 1: 


1. Who are you in this area of your life?

2. Who do...

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What I Learned After 400 Hypnotherapy Sessions With 6 Figure Business Owners self hypnosis Jul 15, 2021

1. Sales funnels don't work matter if you hate providing the service

2. You attract the type of buyer YOU are

3.The amount in your bank account is determined by your beliefs not vibes

4. Your inner child runs the show  

5. Healing allows you to see the reality of certain situations...

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Money, Hormones & Hypnosis self hypnosis Jun 23, 2021

How much can hormones actually influence financial decisions?

In several studies looking at hormone levels and risk-taking, researchers found that high levels of testosterone and cortisol make stock traders take substantially more risks.

But how does this actually work?

Watch this video, as I...

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Reprogram Your Brain In 3 Days self hypnosis May 21, 2021

In NLP we utilize Robert Diltz’s Logical Levels of Change.

This ensures that our clients get a true & lasting transformation. 

This also guides my clients’ hypnosis sessions so we can shift any area of their lives by focusing on their identity, values & beliefs.

Focus on...

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Emotional Mastery in Business self hypnosis Feb 05, 2021

I’m recapping the 2 Step Method to train your subconscious mind for emotional mastery & healing.

This method will:

-alleviate depression & improve your mood

-help you set better boundaries to avoid burnout

-help you tap into your self awareness to cultivate self discipline which...

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