How I Wire Myself for Wealth Daily

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How I Wire Myself for Wealth Daily

As a financial hypnotherapist and a grad student managing ADHD, I've discovered that traditional approaches to financial planning don't always align with my needs. My journey to financial empowerment has been shaped by a combination of innovative techniques that sync beautifully with the scattered focus ADHD can bring. 


I want to share this routine with you, highlighting how the Million Dollar Journaling Kit can support these practices and help anyone looking to rewire their mindset for wealth.

  1. Overnight Supersonic Subliminals

My day actually begins at night. Struggling with burnout, I needed a straightforward, low-effort way to kickstart my financial mindset transformation. That’s when I turned to subliminals—audio tracks designed to deliver empowering messages directly to my subconscious while I sleep. These subtle cues help reinforce a positive financial mindset effortlessly, a core feature integrated into the Million Dollar Journaling Kit with specially curated audio that you can play as you drift off.

  1. Daytime Subliminal Listening

To maximize these effects, I keep the momentum going throughout the day. While studying or working with clients, I play subliminal tracks in the background. This continuous stream of positive affirmations helps keep my subconscious tuned to prosperity and success, ensuring that my financial goals are always in focus, even when my ADHD tries to pull my attention elsewhere.

  1. Shadow Work Journaling Before Bed

Every evening, I engage in shadow work journaling, a cornerstone of the Million Dollar Journaling Kit. This involves delving deep into my subconscious to confront and understand inner barriers to financial success. It's a powerful way to unearth and address deep-seated beliefs and emotions that might be hindering my financial growth.

  1. Clear & Release with Self-Hypnosis

Following my journaling, I use self-hypnosis techniques to clear any lingering negative thoughts and solidify the day’s positive affirmations. This practice helps me release outdated beliefs and fully embrace new, empowering financial perspectives, reinforcing the transformative work done through the journaling kit.

  1. Complete the Cleanse with Shower Affirmations

I end my daily routine with what I call 'shower affirmations.' This simple yet powerful practice involves reciting positive financial affirmations while showering, washing away any residual stress or doubt. It’s both a literal and metaphorical cleansing, leaving me refreshed and ready to tackle another day with a clear, focused mindset.

Embracing a New Financial Narrative

This routine isn’t just a set of tasks; it's a transformative journey that anyone can embark on to achieve greater financial empowerment. The Million Dollar Journaling Kit is designed to facilitate each of these steps, providing tools that integrate seamlessly into your daily life and help maintain a continuous focus on your financial goals.

Whether you’re dealing with ADHD like me, or simply seeking a more effective way to foster a positive relationship with money, this kit offers a structured, supportive approach to achieving financial clarity and success.

Explore how the Million Dollar Journaling Kit can enhance your financial journey. Click below to start rewiring your financial future today!


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