7-pt Guide: Employee to Entrepreneur

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7-pt Guide: Employee to Entrepreneur

Welcome to week 2 of the Six-figure Summer Series. Check out week 1 where we shift your fear of failure here >>>


This week I’ll walk you through the process of shifting your identity from Employee To Entrepreneur. 


Let’s begin with the question: Are you even ready to run your business full-time?


Did you know roughly sixteen percent of the American population are said to be entrepreneurs? This means sixteen percent of the American population doesn't rely on jobs to make money. While the number seems insignificant, it isn't, and you can easily be added to this percentage. 


You don't need to be tied to an employer if you don't want to be. 


Here are four signs that you’re ready to shift into your entrepreneurial identity: 


1. You Are Financially Prepared and Ready to Take Risks

Take the time to figure out what funds you need to leave your job. Recognize business funds as well as personal ones. While this may sound obvious, it can be easy to think that your business will replace your funds quickly. 


This isn't the best way to prepare yourself for success. It is always good to find ways to supplement your income through part-time gigs or save any income you can to cover your bills for as long as you can. Unfortunately, most businesses don't see a profit until their third year. 


But when you join us in Better You In 52 it can happen in 12 months.


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2. You Have Clear Business Goals and Objectives 

A business lacking goals or directions is likely only a dream or concept. If you lack any of these, you will probably have to conduct more research. Filling out a business plan is the best way to make your goals, objectives, and value as a business defined and clearly understood. 


Watch my free training on how to create your 100K in 100 Days business plan here >>


3. You’ve Shifted Into An Entrepreneurial Mindset 

An entrepreneurial mindset is about focus, determination, clarity, creativity, and direction. With an entrepreneurial mindset, you can better overcome obstacles or setbacks as you learn to accept responsibility for yourself and seek to improve. In addition, you know you will always work to create valuable products or services through this mindset. 


4. You Feel Confident and Ready

Confidence and feeling ready is key to being successful. If you don't feel ready, it will show in your work, and you will likely miss something important. Staying in your current job until you feel it is the right time to leap is a good idea. However, you must be realistic and be sure you are taking steps to get your business going, or you will likely stay at your job forever. 


Overall, if you have the funds to survive, have a profitable business idea, laid down the work to scale it into a suitable idea, and feel confident you can do the work no matter what obstacle comes your way, then you know you are ready to take the entrepreneurial leap.


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