The Truth About Thoughts Creating Your Reality

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The Truth About Thoughts Creating Your Reality

In part 1 of your guide on taking back control of your thoughts, we broke down how thoughts actually work. 


Now we’ll examine the truth about our thoughts and if they create our reality. 


Your thoughts become beliefs that influence every part of you and your life. So it’s actually your beliefs that create your reality.


Everyone on this earth has some sort of belief system which they reference on a daily basis as they go about their lives. But have you ever wondered where your beliefs come from? After all, they don’t just appear in your mind as a result of magic, and you aren’t born with them. It may surprise you, but your beliefs come directly from your thoughts, which in turn can influence every part of your life.


Thoughts Become Beliefs Over Time

You’re probably curious about just how a thought can transform into a belief. Think about how habits are formed, you gain a habit when you practice something every day. Well, a belief is like the mental version of a habit, it is thinking that happens automatically, and this is a result of you thinking the same thoughts over and over.


Look at it this way, if you wake up every morning and think that you are a strong and confident individual, while it may take a few days to get into the habit of thinking that, eventually you will. Then in the morning, you will automatically wake up thinking you are strong and confident. Over time, this will morph into a belief.


And soon you won’t be waking up thinking you are strong and confident, but rather you will wake up knowing you are strong and confident because you’ve thought it so many times.


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How This Affects Your Life

So now you are waking up every morning knowing, or believing that you are a strong and confident individual, but what does this mean for your life? Well, think about it. If you believe that you are strong and confident, then you will act that way.


And when you act with strength and confidence in everything you do, this truly has the power to transform your life. Especially if you currently feel that you are the exact opposite and know you could use some confidence in your life.


It’s Time To Employ Thoughts

Because thoughts are clearly so powerful, and they can influence any part of your life that you choose, it’s time to put your thoughts to work. This means you need to think about the thoughts which you want to become beliefs in your life. And you need to stop thinking about the thoughts which cause you pain or lead to negative beliefs.


Of course, like most things in life, this is often easier said than done. You can start by making a list of the things you want to believe in life. And these don’t have to just be about yourself. You could even write things like ‘I want to believe the world is a good place’ or ‘I want to believe people are inherently good.’ Whatever you decide that you want to believe, you then need to formulate thoughts that go towards these beliefs.


So just as in the above example, where you wake up every day thinking about who you are, you can also resolve to specify a time each day where you think the positive thoughts which will lead towards the beliefs you want to build.


But remember that besides just thinking the positive thoughts, you need to also find a way to stop the negative thoughts in their tracks before the positive thoughts can take over.


No matter how you look at it, you are what you think. So, take a look at what is in your mind right now. Are those the thoughts you want to be? Is that the life you want to live? If not, it is time to truly transform your thinking, this way the correct thoughts will become the beliefs that you live your life by each day.


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