How To Get Rid of Your Negative Thoughts & Rewire Your Mind For Success

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How To Get Rid of Your Negative Thoughts & Rewire Your Mind For Success

Let’s start with how your mind (where thoughts are formed is divided)


Your Conscious Mind:

  • Only makes up about 0.006% of your entire mind
  • Can handle about 126 bits per second of information


Trying to live your entire life with your Conscious Mind is like trying to win a poker tournament with only one card.


 Your Subconscious Mind:

  • Makes up the other 99.994%
  • Can handle about 2,000,000 bits per second of information
  • Is roughly 7 years old


Trying to live your entire life with your Subconscious Mind is like letting a 7-year-old fly your airplane.

Your mind also has layers:






Your thoughts are created by your identity who you think you are and your values. Once you think a certain thought or group of thoughts consistently they create a belief.

Negative thoughts create limiting beliefs and at one point in your life, you DECIDED to believe this. So it’s actually a limiting decision.

Let’s use the limiting belief that you can’t get a promotion or raise at your job because you're a Black woman.


This makes you look at everything through a negative lens which creates these groups of negative thoughts, causing you to feel sad, angry and afraid that you’ll get fired or never make enough money.

You have to DECIDE that this isn’t true.

To minimize these negative thoughts you have to start at the deepest layer of your mind. 

 Identity <---





You have to go deep and shift your identity. 


You can do this with:

1. Affirmations 

2. Scripting


Specific “I AM” affirmation in the present tense.


I am an amazing saleswoman.

I am a top sales executive.

I am liked and respected by my colleagues.


Then script why and how. I am an amazing sales \woman. I get to work on time and get 3 demos set up daily, my pipeline is filled with amazing prospects and I’m constantly sending out high ticket quotes. 


It’ll take 60-90 days to shift your identity this way. You can also do it with hypnosis in 3 sessions or with a Neural Activation (enhanced hypnosis) in 1 session.


Once you EMBODY this amazing employee, you begin to look at things through a positive lens.


You start thinking more positive thoughts and create a new belief about your career options. 


You can lock in this new belief with subliminal audios at night and during the day for 33 days.


We use Subconscious Activation and Integration Audio to lock in the change in our clients.


Managing your thoughts can be simple. It’s all about training your brain which will help manage your chemical and emotional states.


This will completely change your reality because it changes the lens of how you see the world. 


You’ll have tunnel vision for success and everything good that life has to offer.


If you’re ready to shift your #mindset and upgrade your energetic set point you can start training your brain with the Supersonic Subliminals Bundle >>




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