The Truth About Money You Need To Integrate Today

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The Truth About Money You Need To Integrate Today

Money isn’t Evil – It’s a Means to an End 


People hold a wide range of ideas about money. In the previous post, I touched on the concept that money is merely a resource to help you lead an abundant life. This idea is truer than many would like to believe. The constant focus on money and making more of it can actually lead to a mindset of lack. When you feel that you're lacking, abundance becomes further out of reach. Instead of seeing money as the goal, I think it's important to shake up your views on the subject.


If you want to gain a healthy relationship with your finances. Let me show you what I mean. 


Money is a Tool

I introduced this idea yesterday, and it's an important one. Money truly is nothing more than a tool or a resource. Yes, it's something we all need in order to survive. However, if you have what you need to get by, anything left over is rather relative. Your expectations and desires can be adjusted in order to fit within your current available resources. That isn't to say you can't or shouldn't dream big. I don't wish to limit your potential. However, having less money than you desire doesn't have to lead to living a life unfulfilled. 




Money Does Not Equal Worth

This next point may seem obvious, but I've found it still may need to be said. A lot of people hold internalized views regarding money. They feel that their financial worth equals their value as a human being. In their minds, they're not successful or worthwhile if they're not making a certain amount of money. In case you're someone who holds such beliefs, please know that your wealth does not dictate your worth as a person. Your character, personality, and internal qualities dictate the kind of person you are, not what's on the outside. And that includes money.


Money Can Be Replenished

Money isn't a finite resource. You can always make more. In addition, your earning potential can always change. Therefore, if you're hoarding your money in the hopes of saving a certain amount or if you are afraid you'll never earn more than you do now, you should really take some time to re-examine these beliefs. People frequently let such thinking hold them back from having certain experiences or goals. Remember, it's experiences and opportunities that lead to abundance. So, take that family vacation or plan for that new career. There will always be the chance to make more money.


Money truly isn't the root of all evil, and it doesn't have anything to do with abundance. You can lead a fulfilling and abundant life no matter how much you earn. This is an important concept to remember as you continue on this journey. 


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