The Past Can Be Holding You Back From Your Wealth

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The Past Can Be Holding You Back From Your Wealth

Letting go of the past and living in the moment is incredibly difficult for some people. Looking to the future with optimism can also cause stress. The past holds memories and meaningful experiences. Sometimes there's regret, along with the desire to fix things. Unfortunately, that time is gone, and continuing to replay it in our minds only serves to keep us from living fully. Logically, you probably understand this, but letting go of the past and embracing the person you are now can still seem impossible.


Follow these tips to begin the process. You may find it's easier than you ever believed. 


Look for Patterns


While living in the past can be destructive, learning from it never is. It's okay to sit down and reflect upon past events as long as you have a purpose in doing so. Take a moment to think about your life to this point. Search for patterns of behavior that have served you well and those that may have been problematic. Make a list so that you can refer to it later. You'll want to continue this review periodically as you work to eliminate toxic patterns and embrace the positive characteristics you possess. 



Forgive Yourself


We all make mistakes. If you feel your past actions have led you to circumstances you're unhappy with, you may find yourself stuck in a loop of regret. Reliving the past, wishing things could be different, and beating yourself up are all actions that are counterproductive to your current happiness. Not to mention that abundance will be blocked by such behavior. Instead, work to forgive yourself and move on with fresh perspective. 


Make a Plan


At this point, you're ready to make a plan for how to live each present day. You can even begin to dream for the future. Please take note that I used the word "dream." It's productive to think about what you want for your life going forward. You should try to avoid needless worry about what's to come, though. Instead, take the information you've gained thus far to plan out the ways in which you'd like to live each day. Review your goals, purpose, and desires. Then use that information to create a life strategy. This doesn't have to be something that's set in stone. It should be a living document that evolves and grows as you do. 


Letting go of the past, living in the present, and hoping for the future are all possible. It simply takes a bit of self-reflection, prioritizing, and planning to do so. You have the ability within you to live an abundant life.


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