Signs of Workaholic Burnout and How To Recover

Signs of Workaholic Burnout and How To Recover

It’s the end of 2020 but you’re already tired thinking about 2021.


You may be suffering from burnout.


✔️It’s hard for you to focus

✔️You’re always tired

✔️You’re pessimistic

✔️You’re irritable

✔️ You feel inconsistent & ineffective


If you’re nodding then keep reading...



Burnout is a result of your conscious mind & subconscious mind not being aligned.


If you're feeling down you're not alone.


Burnout is everywhere.


The big three symptoms are emotional exhaustion, cynicism, and feeling ineffective, according to the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI)


Going on vacation (with a US passport =/) or trying to take a break won't actually help because this is biological and psychological.


Not just a lot of things on your to-do list or trying to pay bills.


A solution is a subconscious therapy through hypnosis and subliminal audio. 


This paired with daily journaling will help rewire your neural pathways and beat the effects of burnout.



Master Your


Vibration (Burnout To Breakthrough)  includes hypnosis audio designed to install Luck into your subconscious so you don't feel like you have to work extra hard for everything.


The updated Raise Your Vibe subliminal includes the 528 Hz Miracle Tone to activate your natural human setting.


The Master Your Vibe book, 101-days of quotes, and affirmations to keep you on track and help to raise your vibe and shift your mindset.


This will take time but you will be able to shift and in the end, you'll have a completely new life and vibe.


Click below to start radically focusing on your vibe for 33 days.


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