How to Reset Your Intentions Before Setting Your Mid-Year Goals

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How to Reset Your Intentions Before Setting Your Mid-Year Goals

The first step toward crushing your goals and reaching new heights is to set proper intentions. Unfortunately, many people aren't clear about what they want. Life is hectic, and very few people take the time to intentionally plan their lives thoroughly. However, this step is crucial if you're going to live a life of deep meaning and purpose.


If you don’t know what you want to achieve in life, you need to take the time to look at all the things in your life that are causing you some form of suffering or dissatisfaction. If you're disappointed and frustrated with your business or relationships, or if you are dissatisfied with your weight or health, you can change these things when you set your goals and take consistent daily action.


Anything that causes you to suffer can be transformed into an important goal, one that is the complete opposite of what you've been facing. A lack of clarity is responsible for most of the disappointments in life. If you aren't clear about what you want, then the chances of you drifting through life are high. Exploring your dissatisfactions in life can help you to come up with crystal clear goals.


We've all seen cases of people drifting through life, achieving very little, and being deeply unhappy and disillusioned. For most of these cases, this is a direct result of not having a clear direction. People who have very little desire in their lives achieve very little, desire is a fundamental and vital aspect of all life. A strong desire is essential to survive in the world, and it is an essential element in bringing all your goals to fruition.


If you take the time to study the world's most successful people, you see that all their success started with a conscious, crystal clear goal that was fueled by desire. You have to feel emotionally connected to your goals or they will be powerless and difficult for you to achieve.


The first step to achieving any of your goals is to become crystal clear on exactly what it is you want and have a strong desire to achieve it.


Setting Your Intentions

To get a better understanding and clarity of what you want, write out a list of all the things that you would like to achieve during your lifetime. There is no set order that you must follow; the objective is to write down as many goals as possible.

If you find goals later that you don’t feel are particularly important, it’s okay to cross them off your list. This goes for goals that you’re not emotionally connected to as well. You also want to remember to create goals for the major areas of your life, so you don’t leave out anything that is important.


You want to create:

  • Financial goals
  • Business goals
  • Relationship goals
  • Family goals
  • Health goals
  • Personal growth goals


It is important not to rush through this brainstorming session. You may want to have several different brainstorming sessions over time to make sure you include everything. It is essential to come up with a long list of things that you want to achieve throughout your life.


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Your Mind Creates Your Experiences

Everything that you think, believe, and feel affect your actions, which in turn affect the results you experience during your life. You can waste a lot of your energy and time trying to change your external circumstances, but if you don’t change your inner life, then your results may be significantly less than you expected.


Changing what you believe to be true, how you think, and how you feel will give you the power to truly steer your life in any direction that you desire and it will provide you with the ability to achieve the life you deserve.


Shifting Into The Right Mindset

The quality of your thoughts will determine the quality of your life. You and you alone are responsible for what you allow into your mind. It does you no good to think and worry about things that you have no control over. Overcoming worrying requires action. You can't do anything useful if you have no control over a particular situation, so you shouldn't waste your time thinking about it.


Unfortunately, criticisms and negative thoughts have a stronger impact on your life than positive thoughts and praise. Whether you like it or not, your dominant thoughts, emotions, and beliefs draw into your life positive and negative experiences. This is why it is so important for you to spend your time focusing on positive thoughts as opposed to negative ones. They play a large part in determining what you can and cannot achieve in your life and taking the time to fill your mind with positive thoughts will ultimately cause your brain to generate more of them.


When you learn to control your inner life, you will be better able to develop the ability to create what you want. The only control you have in your life are the beliefs that you hold, the thoughts that you think, and the actions and reactions you choose. Changing your life can only be achieved when you control these things.


When you learn how to control your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, you will have the power to move in any direction that you wish and achieve your biggest dreams. They determine the actions that you take throughout your life, which in turn define the rest of your experiences. What you believe and think is directly related to how easily and quickly you can achieve your goals.


When setting your goals, it is important to remember that your thoughts and emotions will affect your physical environment, even without you physically manipulating anything. This is why your intentions are so important.


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