7-PT GUIDE: How to Become a Better You

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How to Become a Better You

Welcome part 1 of our 7-part Guide: How To Become A Better You, in our journey to become better and grow to be the best we can be, we're constantly exposed to different kinds of stories that often tend to appear true. Some will say hard work is what it takes to become the best and some people will also share that it takes confidence to be the best. Our parents, books, and movies have also projected many ideas to us about becoming the best. While we try to put in as much effort as we can and give in to the hard work that's recommended, we find ourselves enjoying a couple of benefits slowly but as time goes on, we begin to realize that hard work isn't usually the key.   


The simple truth is you only become better at what you're doing or what you do when you focus. For example, you may become better at writing when you read and write frequently. There's even a high probability that you'll become the best at it. Now, if you become the best at what you're doing, does that mean you're now the best version of yourself? Think about that yourself. Becoming the "best you" encompasses a wide array of things, beyond just what you do. It cuts across many areas of your life and it's an unending journey. It will cost you determination and consistency to reap the good fruits of this journey. Plus, you should also check the reason why you want to do this.


Ask yourself; why do I want to become better? Is it to spite others around me? Or is it to improve me and become kinder, more focused, and more compassionate? Once you've been able to define your "why", you'll become more refueled and re-energized. As you stay committed, you'll realize that the little things you do will gradually become habits and they'll become a part of you.



Why You Should Build a New, Better You


  •    Increase Self-Awareness

Do you know that things would be very different if you dedicate some time to know yourself more? Rather than being focused on others and their issues, redirect your attention. You must get to know yourself better and be more self-conscious if you want to take a step to build a better you. Nevertheless, you must understand that self-awareness doesn't have a fixed duration — it's a continuous journey.



  •    Enhance Strengths

It's vital that you know what your strengths are. You'll get to have more clarity on your personal strengths and be able to put them into use when you welcome self-improvement. Self-improvement helps you know what you want, achieve your goals, set more life goals, and excel. It will make you understand where you can perform better and where your weaknesses are and will consequentially propel you towards a happier and more productive life.


  •    Overcome Weaknesses

We've spoken about strengths: you should also know what your weaknesses are. Don't feel bad or shy about your weak areas; instead, think of them as growth and development opportunities. Be determined to overcome your weaknesses after you've identified their roots and accept them.


  •    Step out of Your Comfort Zone

"Comfort" can be very tricky and even though it feels good and relaxing to be in a comfort zone, it's usually not a healthy place to be because it's a place where growth cannot be attained. You'll be able to challenge yourself, take risks, try new things, face your fears, and step out of your comfort zone when you choose to work on reinventing yourself.



  •    Improve Mental Health

Self-improvement will furnish you with the capability to tackle your emotions as you'll have a better understanding of why you're experiencing them. You'll be able to effectively manage your emotions and thoughts when you work on knowing yourself better and building yourself. Your mental health is massively impacted when you are obliged to self-improvement.


  •    Heal Relationships

You're more likely to nurture healthy relationships when you improve your self-image and become a more self-sufficient person. By developing yourself and looking inward, you'll be laying the foundation to build meaningful relationships and combat conflicts. Both your professional and personal relationships will be enhanced through the positive changes you effect through self-improvement.


  •    Sense of Purpose

If you've been struggling with finding the meaning and purpose of your existence on earth, you should not hold back on keying into personal development and self-improvement. When you choose to walk this path, you'll be able to stay on the right track, your physical and mental well-being will be improved, you'll be motivated, you'll feel alive, and you'll be able to maintain focus on your life goals. You'll be able to deal with life's challenges that you're bound to meet when you have a sense of purpose.


  •    Instill a Growth Attitude

Nobody knows it all and no one can know everything. Because we're not perfect, we must channel self-improvement to improve, get feedback on our shortcomings, and recognize where our weaknesses are. Your attitude towards learning will become more positive when you give room for self-improvement and you'll be able to achieve success when you develop a learning attitude.


  •    Better Decision Making

Your capacity to make better, informed decisions will be increased when you can set your goals and you're conscious of what you want for yourself. Self-improvement gives you confidence and increases your self-awareness, which further helps to beef up your clarity and empowers you with good decision-making skills.


  •    Cultivate Self-love

Your self-esteem and confidence will be greatly increased when you see the growth you've experienced. Compassion and self-love are part of the positive effects of self-improvement. 


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