Financial Consciousness Framework

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Financial Consciousness Framework

For many entrepreneurs—especially women & marginalized groups—money is a huge stumbling block. 


Spent 3 years in startup funding and my easiest applications/approvals came from cis men though they barely met the requirements. 


Meanwhile my women-owned business owners would torpedo their applications.


I see this pattern now in my practice.


You believe that small but constant inner voice that says, 


“Your market won’t pay more” or “You don’t know enough to charge that” or even “You don’t have what it takes to earn a multiple 6-figure income.”


And when you believe it, it becomes true...


You attract an audience in search of freebies.


You keep your rates low (way, way too low).


And when you finally hit 100K you realize it's not nearly enough but continue to fall short of hitting 200K or 500K. 


There’s a simple solution and it starts with a double shifting of your subconscious mind AND your unconscious body. 



My financial consciousness framework is simple but effective, especially for marginalized identities. 


There is ZERO bypassing. 


There’s Magick but no “magical thinking”.


I am a practicing master hypnotherapist, brain coach and energy shifter (BY BLOOD). 


I’ve helped over 400 individuals break through the matrix of lack & panopticon of oppression. 


I hit 7 figures with my 100K packages but prior to that I hit multiple six figures with solutions under $1000. 


Through referrals & results not my reels or branding. 


I know that you have real issues, real obstacles $ real blocks that need a real solution. 


It’s time to get out of this loop of loss and take back your mental and financial power with hypnosis.



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