Checklist To Help Shift Your Fears In Business

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Checklist To Help Shift Your Fears In Business

 You’ve made it to the last part of our guide! Now we don’t expect you to release your fear of failure or your fear of success just by reading our blogs.


So we designed the checklist below to help you quickly recall what to do when addressing your fears and discomforts.


  Step back and take a break when you start to feel stressed.


  Focus on one small thing to bring your body and mind back into the now.


  Practice deep breathing techniques.


  Imagine the worst possible scenario and decide how you would handle it if it happened.


  Pick a small fear or discomfort you have and take action to address it.

  •  Find the triggers.
  • Learn the deep seeded cause of the fear.
  • Determine if it's a logical and necessary fear or just a roadblock you need to overcome.


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  As you work through your fears, don't let your emotions stop you. Push yourself to do just a little more each time until you've conquered the fear.


  Don't forget to smile when you are feeling uncomfortable.


  Remember to check the evidence and facts against what you think and feel.


  Broaden your comfort zone. Push yourself a little further. Do something you wouldn't normally do. Talk to someone when you would normally stay quiet.


  Ditch perfectionism. Nothing is perfect. Perfection is an illusion that keeps you feeling discouraged.


  Minimize to maximize. Identify the minimum action necessary to get the best results for you. If all you can do is the minimum, be proud you accomplished it.


  Use your action plan. The more you do, the better the results.


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