The Hidden Dangers of Perfectionism

The Hidden Dangers of Perfectionism

Perfectionism can be quite insidious. Weíve discussed the ways it can hold you back and some of the negative things that can come from being a perfectionist. There are some additional risks involved with this tendency you may never have considered. I'd like to share them with you today so that you can recognize them in your own life. Knowing what to look for will help you manage these difficulties should you come across them.


Check out these hidden dangers of perfectionism:


  • Missed Lessons

When youíre so afraid to fail that you put off trying, youíre missing opportunities to learn some key lessons. These educational moments could be related to any aspect of your life. Working on dreaded projects and tasks gives you a chance to fail, but also to learn and to grow. 


  • Poor Self-Worth

Perfection is unattainable. Itís a myth. You'll never be perfect. By shooting for perfection, youíre setting yourself up for failure. That pattern can be quite dangerous for your sense of self-worth and emotional wellbeing. The effects can damage you in ways that could take a toll on you for a lifetime. 


  • Burnout

Just trying to be perfect is exhausting. Itís an uphill battle youíll never win. It's soul sucking to put forth effort but to get nowhere. Never reaching the vision you set for yourself is devastating to your self-image. Soon, youíre likely to find yourself burnt out and done. 


  • Poor Perspective

Trying to get every detail just right takes away from the big picture. You're missing so much because of your perfectionist tendencies. Perfectionism causes you to focus on the negative. Things like what you should be doing, how you're falling short, and why youíll never be good enough are at the forefront of your thoughts. You miss out on all the strengths you bring to the table. Itís hard to see our good points, but it can become easier when you begin to accept the idea of good enough. 


  • Never Enough

Striving for perfection sounds like a positive objective. You now understand itís truly not. Itís unattainable and unsustainable. When you seek to be perfect, youíll never be satisfied with what you produce or how you perform. Even when you do accomplish something great, you may still find yourself feeling unfulfilled. True fulfillment comes when you find your groove. Being productive and feeling that youíre making a contribution is far more satisfying than shooting for perfection and getting nowhere.


These dangers of perfectionism can be avoided by allowing yourself to feel comfortable with discomfort. Sit with it for a while. Then push past your temptation to procrastinate. Do your best. Then wait and see what the outcome is. You might be surprised just how wonderful good enough can be. 


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