15 Signs that Coronavirus Anxiety Is Triggering Your Mental Health Issues

15 Signs that Coronavirus Anxiety Is Triggering Your Mental Health Issues

The ability to cope with overwhelming thoughts & feelings can be harder during this time.


Extreme stress can trigger many mental health problems–even ones you think you might have



Use this list to help determine whether your concerns about the coronavirus are triggering you.

  1. You’re drinking or using more drugs than usual
  2. Taking more than your prescribed dosage of medication for anxiety, depression, etc.
  3. Sleeping significantly more/less than usual.
  4. Eating significantly more/less than usual.
  5. Unable to concentrate or pay attention at work or on tasks at home.
  6. More worried, anxious, or depressed than usual.
  7. Feel overwhelmed & hopeless.
  8. Feel alone & isolated.
  9. You’re argumentative or confrontational with my friends and family.
  10. Have increased self-injury activities (i.e. cutting, burning).
  11. Cravings for alcohol, drugs, food, or other addictions have increased significantly.
  12. Stopped attending to your personal hygiene.
  13. Spending a significant amount of time reading or watching the news.
  14. Started engaging in risky behaviors (substance use, unsafe sex, etc.).
  15. No longer experiencing pleasure from activities that I always enjoyed.

How To Deal:


  1. Stay informed with the latest health and campus information through the health advisory & see the dedicated CDC website.
  2. Watch what you consume. Not just food, news & media as well.
  3.  Stay healthy. Adopting healthy hygienic habits such as washing your hands with soap & hand sanitizer.
  4. Keep connected & grounded. Facetime friends & family daily and go for a gratitude walk.
  5. Seek additional help. If you feel an overwhelming worry or anxiety can seek additional professional mental health support.


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