3 Steps To Subconscious Success

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3 Steps To Subconscious Success

There’s so much cognitive dissonance in the world & social media is the perfect place to see it laid out on your timeline.


Cognitive dissonance is when you have inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes & then you act against one of the sets of thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes.


For example, you want to get a 6-figure job but you constantly tweet about how CEOs are overpaid.


This sends 2 sets of messages to your subconscious mind confusing it & when your subconscious mind is confused it creates a stressful state which leads to erratic behavior & inconsistent results.


If you’re someone that quickly gets & then loses money this is the source of your inconsistent income--your inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, and values.


Okay so here’s how to start aligning your conscious mind & subconscious mind so you can create the life that you truly want.


Break it down to 3 Steps:


I recommend writing all of this down vs just thinking it through.


1. Pick a topic or area of your life & write down who you are in relation to it.


Ex. Money/Work

 I am one of the best software developers in my industry.

 I am the founder of one of the most disrupting startups in e-commerce.


2. What are your values or what should you value as this identity?



Having flawless code and meeting team deadlines are important to me as one of the best software developers in my industry.


3. What are your beliefs about you being you & about this topic?



As one of the best software developers in my industry I believe I should be paid well for skills.

See how this all flows together?


What if they didn’t? What if you are a software developer that’s barely making ends meet living in San Francisco?


This means that:


  1. You don’t see yourself as one of the best.


Or  2. You don’t really care about the quality of your work.


Or 3. You don’t believe it’s possible to be paid well for your skills.

When you identify where the misalignment is you can work to fix:


  1. How you see yourself.
  2. What you value.
  3. What you should believe.

This is what we shift during a Belief Clearing Session.


Doing the innerwork so we can see the shift in our outer reality.


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