12 Step To Go From Anxious To Alchemist | Reset Your Nervous System Challenge Day 6

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 12 Step To Go From Anxious To Alchemist | Reset Your Nervous System Challenge Day 5

If you never again want to dunk your face in a bowl of ice water in order to deal with business stress then you should join us in Better You In 52.


During my graduate studies, I became fascinated with regulating the autonomic nervous system and the limbic system. ANS is responsible for physical response and the limbic system is for emotional regulation.


Then I discovered a better way of regaining control of your brain and body, Resetting.


You see, regulating brings you back to a state of homeostasis but it doesn’t actually address what triggers your stress response.

This is where hypnotherapy comes in. I found several studies that support the theory that hypnotherapy can help fully reset your nervous system.


Imagine flipping a switch that will finally help you feel good in your body and clear in your mind so you can focus on running your business.


Imagine no longer going into fight or flight mode whenever you receive a negative Instagram comment or shutting down into freeze because of your fear of failure.


This is possible and you can do it in a little under a year. I’ve been working on this since 2020 when I received an influx of clients who were experiencing spiritual, social justice, and business burnout.


I worked with them one-on-one and kept meticulous notes on what worked and what didn’t.


This subscription is not just a recurring revenue stream.


I am a scientist before I’m a business owner and this work is my mission.

I want to help you succeed with ease this year.


It’s safe to succeed.


And business should be the least of your worries.


I can’t wait for you to finally experience a full night of deep restorative sleep thanks to the combination of hypnosis and subliminal audio.

Click here to get started tonight.


Watch the Reset Your Nervous System Challenge video here:





Alright. So now that you know how to hypnotize yourself, especially if you have been with us for the first five steps of this challenge, and you download the guide and you looked at the script and you tried it for the past few days.


Now, you can use it to address your beliefs and the external limitations that you have. Then you'll use the same self hypnosis method to shift into your new identity, your new beliefs system and reset your rules of reality.


If you need some guidance with this, this is what we do in better view fifty two. For the next twelve months, working down to fifty two weeks, you'll receive a self hypnosis audio and the subliminal says to help you with the subconscious and somatic shifts that are necessary for you to stay to your healing and self development journey in your business or as you climb the corporate ladder. And this is an important and vital step before you even change your financial reality.


So don't skip it. See you later.


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