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Fear of Success

After 400+ hypnotherapy sessions I’ve compiled a list of the most common blocks to my clients’ success.


I’ll be sharing methods to release the top 15.


There are actually 49 and most people have over 25 🥵 in Master Your Youniverse we’ll release ALL of them.


Today I'm covering your fear of success and how to release it.


To release your success, you have to think about your fear in three parts:

  1. conscious
  2. subconscious
  3. unconscious.


So you have the trigger, meaning and the feeling 


To address all three:

1)  You take a moment to think back to when you first experienced this trigger, and why you integrated this.


2) Then ask yourself: Is this belief true?


3) And then what is a more empowering belief?


4) How does this new belief make you feel, then integrate this new feeling and create a custom affirmation.


5) Then Repeat this affirmation to yourself for 30 days. 



That is how you train your brain to release fear.


This particular framework is for fear of success. That's why I found really helpful for my clients. Now in master universe, I use different frameworks for each of the 49 blocks.


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