What Does It Mean To Have A Limiting Mindset

limited beliefs about self (control/competence)
What Does It Mean To Have A Limiting Mindset

So, is there really such a thing as a limiting mindset?


  • In a word, yes. A limiting mindset increases the pain we suffer, increases misery, and lowers our ability to problem-solve and derive happiness from life. 
  • Limiting mindsets are so destructive they become unhealthy. An unhealthy mindset can’t lead to anything good in our lives at all. It’s just not possible for positive outcomes to arise from a toxic mentality. 
  • At best, toxic thinking might lead to success in one area of life, but catastrophic failure in others. For example, a perfectionist might rise high in their career, while simultaneously alienating everyone in their life and ruining all their personal relationships. Remember, that’s the best-case scenario for a toxic mindset.


Limiting mindsets get established and thrive in part because on some level, those mindsets masquerade as being somehow helpful. We rationalize that they help us from being harmed again. In reality, they guarantee our being harmed every day, just not in ways that are immediately obvious. 


  • A limiting mindset serves itself. Everything that happens gets twisted to serve the mindset’s existence. 
  • A healthy mindset serves the individual. A healthy mindset serves you. In the following pages, we’re going to examine some specific, common unhealthy mindsets and look at how we can overcome them. 


A toxic mindset doesn’t have to be permanent. One of the most positive, fascinating aspects of being human is our endless ability to adjust and adapt.


All change begins with knowledge and understanding, this month we’ll be examining and releasing 22 unhealthy mindsets.



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