This Framework Made Me Millions: The $100K in 100 Days Framework

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This Framework Made Me Millions: The $100K in 100 Days Framework

Are you ready to hear about a transformation so profound it reshaped not just my business, but my entire approach to life and success? The "$100K in 100 Days" Framework didn't just help me hit an ambitious income goal; it unlocked my business identity, aligned me with my healer archetype, and subconsciously synced me with my sales goals, all through the lens of my unique Human Design.


Unleashing the Power of Identity and Design in Sales

  1. Discovering My Business Identity and Healer Archetype The journey began with a deep dive into understanding who I am as a healer and entrepreneur. This framework helped me clarify my unique qualities and how they shape my business practices, making my work deeply resonant and authentic.
  2. Aligning with My Human Design Human Design revealed the strategies that are most effective for me, ensuring that every decision and action taken was in perfect alignment with my innate tendencies. This alignment removed resistance and increased the flow of opportunities.
  3. Crafting High-Value Outcomes I focused on creating outcomes that not only met but exceeded my clients’ expectations. My $100K offer was designed to deliver transformative results, making it irresistible to those seeking real change.
  4. Designing the Business Vortex My services were structured into a Business Vortex—an energetic funnel where each client interaction added more value, and in return, increased my revenue. This model helped in attracting and retaining ideal clients who were eager to embark on this journey with me.
  5. Activating Sales Resonance By pricing my services strategically, I attracted the right clients. My rates were set not just to reflect the value of the services but to ensure that they resonated with those who were most likely to benefit from and appreciate this unique approach.
  6. Leveraging Client Success I transformed satisfied clients into advocates for my business, exceeding their expectations and encouraging them to share their positive experiences. This organic marketing strategy proved incredibly effective in attracting new clients.
  7. Overcoming My Limiting Beliefs Part of my routine involved consistently addressing and dismantling any limiting beliefs about my own success, which continuously cleared the path for growth and achievement.
  8. Creating Compelling Content I consistently produced content that addressed potential clients' hesitations about hypnotherapy. I needed to tackle their limiting beliefs not only around their potential but also my potential as their hypnotherapist. This not only educated them but also built trust and debunked myths, paving the way for them to seek out my services.



How Sales Youniversity Can Support Your Transformation

At Sales Youniversity, we understand that reaching such profound insights and achieving substantial financial goals isn't just about having a plan—it's about having a plan that’s tailored to your unique spiritual and entrepreneurial blueprint. 

Our programs offer:

  • Deep dives into understanding your business identity and healer archetype.
  • Tools to align your business practices with your Human Design.
  • Strategies for creating high-value outcomes and structuring your services to maximize both client satisfaction and your profitability.
  • Guidance on pricing strategies that reflect the true value of your work and attract the clients best suited to your services.


Join us at Sales Youniversity and let us guide you through a transformative process that aligns who you are with what you do, unlocking the door to not just $100K, but to a practice and life that feels as abundant internally as it is externally.



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