The Secret To Getting Is To Actually To Give

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The Secret To Getting Is To Actually Give

One of the key principles to living a life of abundance is that you get what you give. If you're familiar with the Law of Attraction, you'll find that this concept applies here, as well. The law states that you will attract the things into your life that you focus on. That's why it's imperative that you focus on giving and sharing kindness. Even skeptics can't argue that this is a positive life philosophy. Let's take a look at how it all works. 


Like Attracts Like

The energy you put out in the world truly does tend to come back to you. There are a lot of beliefs built upon this concept. There's the Golden Rule, Karma, and the Wiccan tenet, "If no harm is done, do as you will." All are based on the idea that you should treat others as you would want to be treated and that your life will be good if you are not harming others. There's a reason so many cultures and religions rely on such a philosophy. It works. 


You Get What You Give

Putting into the world the kind of things you'd hope to receive rarely ever goes wrong. You truly do tend to get what you give, so why not give good? Focus your energy on doing positive things for others. Do so out of genuine care, though, not simply to receive something in return. You'll soon see good things coming your way. 


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Be of Genuine Heart

When you think about doing good deeds on behalf of others, really take the time to examine your motivations. If you are focused on simply gaining a means to an end or receiving good things, you'll likely find you've sabotaged your own actions. You'll be living incongruently, merely going through the motions. You must truly believe in your pursuits for them to work out in the way you envision. 


Direct Your Focus

That's not to say you can't plan your acts of giving in a purposeful way. If you feel that you're lacking connections in your life, do good things that encourage relationships. Invite a co-worker to lunch. Make that call to your mother that you've been putting off for too long. Whatever you want more of, it's okay to choose actions that align with that desire as long as those things are pure of heart and they're truly directed toward doing for others. 


Putting blessings out into the world truly is a noble act. Allow yourself to focus on doing good for others, and you'll soon find abundance has entered your life.


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