The Real Secret To 10K Months

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The Real Secret To 10K Months

Want the real secret to 10K Months?


And I don’t mean barely hitting 10K months and having to struggle, beg and cry to get there.


I mean receiving $10,000 per month at a minimum, running a business that supports you, your family, and your dreams.


It’s actually pretty simple, but you know how we humans love to overcomplicate things.



Here’s the 4-part system that I’ve used to bring every single business I’ve launched to 6 figures. 


Part 1: Create a product or service that is designed to help a specific type of person in a specific industry/location/phase of life with one specific issue ( 3 at the most).


For example, I’m a hypnotherapist but I work with entrepreneurs in the wellness & creative space that struggle with burnout & financial blocks due to ADHD and financial trauma.

I help my clients with this during the 5-day workshop week during the 2022 GYST cohort.


Part 2: Find out where this specific person hangs out online and show up there (not every day but consistently).


Part 3: When you do show up present/explain why they need your solution and why you’re the perfect person to provide it.

You’ll also need to post content that speaks specifically to them. We’ll create your content pillars so you can hit the ground running after your session.


Part 4: Follow through on your promises. Provide them with the necessary tools, steps, and support to get them the transformation your content promised.


When you do this you’ll soon have a business based on referrals & reputation. This is what sets you apart from your competitors and above any negative economic, political, or international circumstances. 


If this sounds like what you’ve been seeking then I invite you to join me in GYST.

It’s a hybrid live & self-paced group experience that breaks down both the subconscious work and conscious strategies needed to hit your first $100,000 or $300,000 in business revenue this year.


Take our free assessment to identify the type of block you may have here





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