The Infinite Money Manifestation Method

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infinite money manifestation method


When I made the decision to no longer be broke in business I put all my focus & energy into thinking of ways more money could come to me vs how it would leave.


This was also the major key to healing my financial trauma because one of the most damaging effects of financial trauma is how it skews your view of the world.


It makes you think you have less control over money than you actually do.


Money is this big looming shadow over your life.


When money is actually just a tool.


Like a pen.


The first reason why the infinite money manifestation method works is because you’re forcing yourself to focus on how the money will come to you.


vs focus on it not being it or how it will leave.


The second is neuroscience–this exercise facilitates the creation of new neural pathways


I did this.


My clients do this.


I only share what works not what I read in some book or even what I learned in grad school.


You guys always say people gatekeep.


Well, I’m sharing this with you for FREE.


If you want the life of your ideal future self you need to have their brain. To think like them. So you can act like them.


Do this method for 30 days and you’ll have a different brain which will create a different reality.


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