Tap Into Gratitude To Tap Into Wealth

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Tap Into Gratitude To Tap Into Wealth

Bringing abundance into your life requires overcoming habits that no longer serve you and gain a new mindset. You'll obtain a renewed perspective when you're able to see the opportunities all around you, as we learned in yesterday's post. While we've already touched on the topic, practicing gratitude on a daily basis is one of the best ways to invite all things plentiful into your world.


Keep reading to discover ways to do just that. 


Carry a Totem

Sometimes we need a physical reminder of what we want. When we're busy and living in survival mode, it's easy to lose sight of those small things that really make a difference. That's why I like to carry some sort of a physical reminder with me to trigger feelings of gratitude. This should be something quite personal. Perhaps it's a loved one's photo in a locket, a memento like a seashell from your beach trip, or even your favorite saying written on a post-it note on your computer monitor. 


Remember Your Accomplishments

Self-confidence can be fleeting. Sometimes you forget just how great you really are. Taking some time now and then to remind yourself of your high points can instill gratitude for all that makes you special. Looking at an award, love note from a child, or token of appreciation from a co-worker can truly do a lot to lift your spirits when you find yourself lacking gratitude. 


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Write it Down

While it may seem cliché, a gratitude journal is a simple and effective tool for maintaining gratefulness in your heart. The key is to write in it every day. Taking just a few minutes to jot down what you're thankful for prior to heading to bed can be a powerful way to demonstrate the abundance you already have in your life, as well as to invite more. 


Share the Love

Just as reading a note of appreciation can increase your feelings of gratitude, expressing such sentiments to those around you is also quite powerful. Find a way to compliment at least one person every day. Better yet, make it more meaningful by doing it in a way that can be held onto as a keepsake. A note in a blank card, a small gift, or even just an email are all examples of ways your words can live on to provide that spark of gratitude in others. You'll be sharing the abundance while you're at it. I truly do believe that what you put out there comes back to you. 


Give these ideas a try if you want to maintain a sense of gratitude. Simple measures are all you need in order to raise your vibration and manifest a feeling of plenty in your life.



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