Strengthen Your Intuition To Take Aligned Action

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Strengthen Your Intuition To Take Aligned Action

Your intuition is one of the most powerful tools you can use when creating your desired reality. Your intuition (also commonly referred to as your instincts, hunches, or gut feelings) is an inner sense of knowledge that seems to spring forth with information seemingly out of thin air. 


For example, pretend you meet a new person and instantly dislike them. You may think this is silly–how can you immediately dislike someone you don’t even know?–but this is a common example of your intuition at work. 


Those sudden feelings and hunches from your intuition aren’t random. Instead, they’re super-quickly formed thoughts that originate deep in the subconscious mind. 


Listening to your intuition can be tricky. Human beings are smart and capable of rational thinking in their conscious minds. While rational thinking is an important trait, it can lead you away from the strong feelings and messages your intuition is trying to communicate to you. 


Learning to listen to your intuition is a key way to live your truth because it leads to authentic and well-informed decision-making, despite feeling sudden and random! 


How can you tune into your intuition if you have a hard time sensing it?


Human beings are almost too smart for their own good! Humans rely on conscious thoughts to solve a lot of problems, and this type of rational thinking often leads them away from intuitional messages and signals. 


For example, pretend you are taking a final exam. You studied hard for this exam, but despite all the hours you put into preparing, you run across a question you don’t know how to answer. 


You get a strong feeling that the answer is choice C, even though you can’t quite remember why that answer sounds right. Instead of temporarily skipping this question and moving forward, you let yourself linger over the other choices. You rationalize that it can’t be choice C and must be choice A instead. A few days later, you see your exam score and learn that choice C was correct! 



If you have trouble hearing your intuition’s signals, consider the following methods for practicing this skill:


1. Self-hypnosis to learn your body’s specific intuitive signals. 


Everyone hears messages from their intuitions differently. Some people get strong, sudden thoughts, feel physical sensations, or even become emotional. To get a better sense of how your intuition speaks to you specifically, you can use self-hypnosis to connect with your subconscious to recognize these signals when they appear. 


During a self-hypnosis session, think about a situation you’re currently facing or a decision you need to make. 


Allow yourself to scan your body and see if you sense any intuitive signals.


  •   For example, do you feel tense in your stomach? 
  •   Do you feel instantly upset or discouraged? 
  •   Do you get a sudden thought in your mind, such as “stay away from that option”? If so, this could be your intuition speaking! 


Take note of how it happens to you. As you learn these patterns, you can begin hearing your intuitive signals more frequently. 


2. Allow yourself to follow through with your intuition’s guidance. 


Listening to your intuition can be tough, but if you don’t give yourself permission to do it, it will become even harder to hear your intuition speak. 


The next time you feel a hunch or urge from your intuition, give yourself permission to take your intuition’s advice. Learning that you can “go with your gut” and trust your intuition is a key step in becoming more acquainted with it. 


As you give yourself permission to follow your intuition more frequently, you’ll find that it’s easier to hear its signals and heed them.


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