Somatic Experiencing: How It Can Help You Release Tension and Anxiety in Your Body

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Somatic Experiencing: How It Can Help You Release Tension and Anxiety in Your Body

Are you constantly feeling tense and anxious, even when you're not facing a direct threat or danger? You're not alone. As overthinking, overachieving entrepreneurs, we often carry the weight of our business goals and ambitions on our shoulders, causing our bodies to constantly be in a state of tension and stress.


But did you know that there's a way to release this tension and anxiety from your body? It's called somatic experiencing, and it's a powerful approach to healing trauma and stress-related disorders that has been used successfully by thousands of people around the world.


At its core, somatic experiencing is based on the idea that our bodies hold onto trauma and stress in the form of physical sensations, which can manifest as tension, pain, and other symptoms. By bringing awareness to these sensations and working with them in a safe and supportive environment, we can release the stored energy and return to a state of calm and balance.


If you're struggling with tension and anxiety in your body, somatic experiencing may be just what you need to find relief and healing. And if you're looking for a supportive and transformative environment to explore this powerful approach, Better You In 52 is the perfect place for you.


Our monthly subscription program combines somatic experiencing with self-hypnosis, group hypnosis, and other powerful tools to help you release tension and anxiety from your body, activate your hope circuit, and stay motivated with your business goals. 


With access to 52 weeks of brain training audio sets, including self-hypnosis audios, meditation audios, daytime and overnight subliminal audios, and a live monthly intention-setting session, you'll have everything you need to heal from burnout, overcome overwhelm, and achieve your dreams.


So don't let tension and anxiety hold you back from the success you deserve. Try somatic experiencing and Better You In 52 today, and experience the transformative power of healing from the inside out.


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