Shifting Into An Intentionally Abundant Mindset

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Shifting Into An Intentionally Abundant Mindset

Abundance can be an unclear topic. It means something different to everyone, but basically, the term refers to having a large quantity of something or having more than enough. It's used quite often in personal development circles. Most of us want to have the feeling of living an abundant life in which there is always plenty. Still, many live in a mindset of lack. 


The key to inviting abundance into your life is to be intentional. Keep reading, and I'll show you what I mean.


Make it Clear

When you want to bring more abundance and good things into your life, it's crucial to make your desires clearly known. It's not sufficient to simply say you hope to have more money, for example. Instead, write down your intention in a more specific way like, "I will gain $2,000 extra within the next three months in order to afford a vacation with my family." You may even wish to include the destination, if you know where you'd like to go. 


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Forget the Fear

Clearly defining your intention defines it for the universe. It sets the tone to invite this abundance to come to fruition. They say that you receive what you put out. A clearly-stated desire is more likely to set the wheels in motion for it to come to be. However, one of the biggest detractors of abundance is fear. Try to identify any fears you feel about this wish and then work through them. Turn your fears into a positive if you can. Understand that it's okay, for instance, to be afraid you don't have the ability to earn the extra money. Then begin to search for reasons why you're worthy of such a bounty and set out to brainstorm ways you might be able to obtain it. 


Consider the Effects

Next, you'll want to consider the ways in which your wish will affect your entire life. Picture how you'll feel as you begin to see extra money manifest itself. Visualize yourself planning your vacation with your kids. Try to imagine how it will feel to actually be on that vacation. This kind of visualization will help to raise your vibration and push you along toward actually living the reality of your vision. 


Look for Resistance

Finally, it's important to recognize any resistance that might result in denying the manifestation of the abundance you seek. We've already discussed the big one, which is fear. Another common type of resistance is a mindset of lack or the feeling that you're not worthy to receive such gifts. Saying affirmations, or positive phrases, aloud can help to defeat these feelings. Remind yourself that you are worthy and valuable. Tell yourself you deserve all good things. Be sure to repeat these statements if you want them to be most effective. 


This is a primer on bringing abundance into your life through intention. We'll touch more on this topic throughout our series. It's important to keep these steps in mind when working to manifest abundance. 


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