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New Moon Abundant Goal Setting Ritual

New Moon Abundant Goal Setting Ritual

goal setting procrastination Jan 31, 2022

If you struggled to set your goals at the start of the year, not to worry because the new moon is actually a more auspicious time to set your business goals.


Today, I’m sharing my favorite new moon ritual for success. There are 2 parts to this ritual and it combines hypnotic intention setting with crystal magick.



Part 1: Gather your crystals to set & anchor your new moon intentions. 


My 5 favorite abundance crystals for business success:

  1. Citrine-prosperity in business
  2. Tigers Eye-for confidence and mental blocks
  3. Aventurine-for manifesting luck & abundance
  4. Green Fluorite-for clearing negative and reinforcing positive energy
  5. Black quartz- for energy protection & grounding


If you don’t have any crystals use something that represents your business and that you can access daily.


Hold the crystals or item in the palm of your hands while imagining how you will FEEL when you hit your goals. Will, you feel relief, excitement, pride, or gratitude?


Feel those feelings as you hold your crystals and lock them in.


You’ll tap into this feeling every morning before you start your day and at night right before you fall asleep.


Part 2 of New Moon Ritual:

Step 1: Get a new notebook and journal.

Step 2: List up to 3 things you will manifest this month or moon cycle.

Step 3: List the resources you’ll use to hit these goals.

Step 4: Write out who you’ll be with, what you’ll see, hear, and feel once you manifest these things.


Close your eyes and picture the final scene of you with or doing the things you’ll manifest.


After you set your scene...


Finalize it with this statement:

It’s February 16, 2022 (or the date of the Full Moon) and I have/am (your list) and I feel (insert how you want to feel), I see ( describe picture) and I hear (put yourself there). I was able to do this because (insert your resources or to-do list)


And so it is.


You can use this journal for every new moon and by the end of the year, you’ll have a collection of all your goals to review.


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