More Soul-Love Equals More Confidence

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More Soul-Love Equals More Confidence

In yesterday’s post, we discussed ways that getting a sense of purpose can lead to more confidence. Understanding your priorities and what matters most to you in life can help you to feel more secure in yourself. Confidence is an important component of soul-love. If you don’t believe in yourself and your worth, it’s hard to love yourself. That’s why I’d like to explore the connection between soul-love and confidence in today’s post.


About Soul-love

Soul-love, as we’ve discussed, is having positive regard for yourself. It’s being able to put yourself first and feeling that you deserve just as much compassion as the people you care about. Soul-love is the belief that your own happiness can take priority and that you aren’t selfish for taking care of yourself. Taking care of your own needs and refusing to settle for less than you deserve is also part of soul-love. You aren’t a narcissist, and you aren’t self-centered about loving yourself. Just the opposite, in fact. By connecting with your soul you connect to the collective cultivating a deeper sense of love.


About Confidence

Confidence is simply believing in yourself. It’s the understanding that you are a capable human being and that you can manage regular daily occurrences or challenges you encounter. It also involves transferring those beliefs into actions that reflect how you feel and demonstrate your capabilities. You don’t want to overestimate your abilities however, as this could cause you to come across as arrogant or could affect the quality of your work.


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The Soul-love/Confidence Connection

Soul-love and confidence are definitely connected. There is likely a circular relationship between them. When you love yourself and have positive self-regard, you’re more likely to be confident. That’s because you have a healthy view of yourself and honestly feel you possess value. When you feel worthwhile, why wouldn’t you have faith in your abilities? You know you’re a person worthy of care and deserving of good things. You should be confident you can achieve such things. Likewise, when you’re confident, you are demonstrating your positive regard for yourself. You are confident in the belief that you’re capable of achieving the things you desire because you also feel you are worthy. These two concepts are closely tied together.


Now you know how confidence plays a strong role in soul-love. In fact, they’re both closely related. That’s why it’s important to build your confidence regularly in order to strengthen your feelings of worthiness.



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