Money Myths That Are Keeping You Broke

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Money Myths That Are Keeping You Broke

#Myth 1: You have to work hard to make money

True wealth is passive. You have assets that increase your net worth over time.


You may work hard initially to set it up but it doesn’t take a lifetime of hard work to be truly wealthy.


It does take discipline.


#Myth 2: Money is a physical entity

Money is actually energy. That’s why it’s called currency. 


In the US there’s about $14 trillion in total money supply. Physical currency makes up only about 11% of the total value.


#Myth 3: There isn’t enough money to go around

There are trillions of dollars in the US alone. The money is there you just haven’t found an aligned & effective way to access it for yourself.


#Myth 4: You have to be born rich to be rich

If you’re born into wealth you do have an advantage but being born in or living in a 1st world country is a huge advantage.


When I worked as a FB ads manager our international clients always wanted to target the US and only the US because they know that’s where the money is. 


#Myth 5: Money is the root of all evil

Money is a tool. Just like how a gun doesn’t fire itself the person that’s behind is what determines its use.


If more good people had more money great things could be accomplished.


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#Myth 6: Your job, business and other people are your sources of money

Okay I hope I don’t lose you here but when you tie your source of money to a job, business or clients/customers you’re limiting yourself.


Money can come to you from a multitude of sources. That’s why it’s important to have multiple streams of income so you don’t worry about just one source and create a block.


#Myth 7: You can’t make money doing what you love

Even though we see that this is actually possible a lot of people still discount it as “luck” when it’s actually a universal law.


When you’re doing something you love & enjoy you’re in a flow state which makes you receptive to positive energies such as money.


#Myth 8: You only give to receive

Tithing or making room for more money is an important practice but so is receiving because you’re telling your subconscious that “Yes receiving money is good. More of this please.” 


When you say no to a gift or money you’re sending the message to your subconscious that receiving is not something you want. 


So accept compliments, tips, free coffee, everything good that comes your way.



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