Low-Self-Worth Is Sabotaging Your Success

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 Low-Self-Worth Is Sabotaging Your Success

Having a low sense of self-worth can affect nearly every aspect of your mental health, your decisions, and your overall well-being and happiness. If you don’t believe you are worthy, if you lack the confidence to improve your life and achieve your goals, then you are ready to change your mindset. Let’s explore how the low-self-worth mindset affects you and how you can overcome this negative way of thinking.


How Low Self-Worth Affects You


If you journey through life lacking confidence, feeling bad about yourself, or always feeling incompetent, awkward, or unloved, you suffer from low self-worth. Most people with a low-self-worth mindset are very sensitive, many overly so, and others’ words or actions can easily wound their sense of their own capabilities.


If this describes your mindset, you may always be ready for someone to reject you or make you feel inadequate. In fact, you may perceive rejection or failure even when that is not the case. You likely see nearly everything in life as a possible threat to your self-esteem, which can leave you stressed and anxious all the time. 


Most with low self-esteem are the harshest critics of themselves. When you make a mistake, are you the first and loudest voice to tell you what you did wrong, to berate you for your error? This inability to see the positive in yourself can lead you to treat yourself very poorly, to act impulsively to cover up your mistake, or to behave in even more harmful ways. 


Low self-worth can lead you to isolate yourself from others, to lash out when you feel criticized, to reject the love and affection of others who see you in a positive way, and to lower your expectations for yourself concerning achieving goals and living happily. 


How To Overcome Your Low Self-Worth


Learning to practice self-compassion and to grow your self-confidence will help you overcome a mindset controlled by low self-worth. Because your thought patterns and mindset are likely highly ingrained, it is essential to be patient while you work toward positive change, though. Your low self-worth will take come to repair.


First, you need to acknowledge your internal suffering and notice how it is affecting your life. You can’t change your mindset until you are aware of how this negative way of thinking influences your own self-talk, actions, and decisions. Use intentional focus to become mindful of your thoughts, words, and behaviors. 


When you hear your inner critic start to voice its usual concerns, stop it in its tracks. Refuse to listen to the criticisms and negativity of your inner voice. Every time you start to say something negative about yourself, stop and rethink what you’d like to tell yourself. 


You also need to stop comparing yourself to others. The only person you need to compare yourself to is you. Instead of worrying about what others have accomplished or are doing, focus only on how you are gaining control of your life and building new happiness. It doesn’t even matter what others are doing because they have no power over or say in your life, anyway.


Overcoming a low-self-worth mindset also means learning to respect yourself. Get to know your own beliefs and values, so that your decisions and goals can be aligned with those. Explore your strengths, which can serve as a foundation for change and growth. Have integrity in all you do, and you can learn to feel good about all of your accomplishments, big and small. 


Overcoming a low sense of self-worth is possible, and when you learn to think more positively about yourself, you will find you are better able to overcome obstacles, that you set higher goals for yourself, and that you form closer relationships with loved ones. So, why not stop listening to that inner critic today and start caring for yourself, nurturing your self-esteem, and living a happier, healthier life? 


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